Country Lead Faculty: Dr. Allison Huffman


The TWU Center for Global Nursing – Peru relationship began back in February 2014 with email correspondence between Dr. Joan Edwards, our CGN director, and Dr. Patrick Palmieri, a nursing professional living in Peru. At that time Dr. Palmieri discussed the opportunities available in Peru while Dr. Edwards shared with him the vision of CGN.

In Summer 2014, Dr. Edwards embarked on a fact-finding mission to Lima and Chiclayo, Peru under the auspices of Dr. Palmieri where she attended an international nursing conference with keynote speaker, Dr. Patricia Benner, and was able to further develop plans for some collaborative activities between several universities and a woman’s hospital, Clinica Santa Isabel. Planning continued through the remainder of the 2014 academic year with Dr. Sandy Cesario and Dr. Allison Huffman developing Peruvian graduate and undergraduate educational abroad elective courses for May, 2015. Part of the course syllabi involved the development of a student group PICO (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome) format research project with guidance from course faculty in Spring prior to the trip. The end product was a PICO poster that was then shared at conferences and health care facilities throughout the trip. The initial course was only possible after months of travel arrangements, conference planning, and contact with participating TWU students about the course and the course requirements. The trip was undertaken by 24 undergraduate students as well as 2 graduate nursing students. Subsequent trips were taken in May 2016 and May 2017, again with 24 undergraduate nursing students and up to 2 graduate nursing students.

The second trip to Peru included a pre-physical therapy student from the University of Texas at Dallas who came as a non-credit seeking student. The faculty for the courses have consisted of two undergraduate faculty of record, one graduate faculty of record, and about 2-3 auxiliary faculty who assist during the trip. Leaders of the course trips have included Drs. Joan Edwards, Allison Huffman, Sandy Cesario, Anne Koci, Peggy Landrum, Judy McFarlane, Susan Mellott, Sheila Haley, Diane Montgomery, Mrs. Lindz Peck, and Mrs. Barbara Baulder. All three course trips have included attendance and participation at international conferences in Lima and Chiclayo where students presented their PICO research posters and faculty presented global health topics through panels, podium presentations or posters. The very first conference attended in 2015 was actually an “International Nursing Day” celebration of Florence Nightingale and included presentations from the Peruvian Ministry of Health and representatives from the World Health Organization PAHO region. During the various trip conferences faculty and students have also been able to participate in an exchange of nursing culture and ideas through group meetings and panels with faculty and students from universities in Lima and Chiclayo. These universities have included Universidad Privada Del Norte, Universidad de Ciencias Y Humanidades, Universidad Catolica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo, Universidad Maria Auxiliadora, Universidad Weiner, and Universidad Senor de Sipan.

The course trips have also included a community learning aspect where students and faculty were able to participate in clinics like the Clinical Santa Isabel in Lima and toured public and private hospitals throughout Lima and Chiclayo. To promote service, an outreach project has also been completed during the trips where students were able to do teaching about the menstrual cycle to adolescent teenage girls in secondary schools and a women’s shelter. In 2017 the outreach included visiting an orphanage in a rural area where the students gave health teaching to the children and faculty at the orphanage. In addition to a healthcare focus, the Peruvian Education Abroad trips include a cultural focus with the development of Spanish language skills and participation in Peruvian culture and historical sites, which culminate in a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Machu Picchu, at the end of each trip. CGN plans to continue its annual Education Abroad trip to Peru and is currently working on extending our involvement with Peruvian nursing professionals by collaborating in research and teaching projects within the country. Planning for a fourth Education Abroad trip is now underway for May 2018.

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