Education Abroad Courses

Healthcare in Great Britain, NURS 4902
Course Description: This course will examine, compare, and contrast nursing/healthcare within the British healthcare system including access to care, health policy, health economics, nursing education, and nursing practice.  Exploration and analysis of these topics within a different culture promotes a greater depth of discernment and consideration of factors impacting healthcare practice and access. Healthcare related collaboration and learning between students within the context of the British culture.
Additional Information: Available for 2 units course credit to: Students admitted and/or enrolled in the undergraduate nursing program. Requires travel to Great Britain (14 days) with community/cultural experiences, plus pre- and post-abroad class meetings
Course Contact Faculty: Shopha Tserotas - 

Special Topics Research and Practice in Peru, NURS 4902, 5901, 6903
Course Description: Focuses on the Peruvian culture and improvement of quality of life for the Peruvian population. Gain insight into the differences and similarities of Peruvian and US healthcare issues, as well as immersion in the Peruvian health care system with clinical practice alongside Peruvian nurses. Travel includes attendance and participation in an International Nursing Conference in Peru and teaching to students at the local university. Texas Woman’s University is collaborating with the nursing universities in Lima and around the world in the development of this conference.
Additional Information: Travel to Peru May 14 to May 25, 2022 is required to receive credit for this course.  
Course Contact Faculty: Pam Joplin-Gonzales -

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