Education Abroad Courses

NURS 6903.63: Special Topics – Advanced Practice Nursing – The Netherlands
NURS 5911.63: Independent Study – Advanced Practice Nursing – The Netherlands

Dates: Spring 2020

  • Course description: This graduate-level special topics course, Advanced Practice Nursing: The Netherlands, explores the APRN role and educational preparation within the Dutch health care system. Common health conditions and cultural differences between the US and the Netherlands will be highlighted. Course participants, in the context of a global society, will develop a greater appreciation and understanding of diverse populations and health care delivery systems.
  • Estimated cost: TBD plus credit hour expense
  • Contact Person: Dr. Cathy Hueske

South Korea
NURS 4902: Korean Education Abroad Elective – 2 hours
NURS 6903.60: Korean Education Abroad Elective – 3 hours

Dates: May 14-27, 2020

  • Course description: Focus on the Korean culture and understand Korean history. Understand the differences and similarities for Koreans and Community healthcare issues within Korea as opposed to United States citizens and community healthcare issues within the USA. This course fulfills a nursing elective requirement for the Bachelor of Science – Nursing and the Master and Doctoral Nursing. As part of the degree requirements in the College of Nursing, it is also recognized that this course helps meet the global perspectives graduation requirement. The Itinerary includes tours of Korea Palaces, museums, DMZ, Foreign Nurses Missionary Cemetery and visiting a Korea community health post, universities, and Seoul City Hall.
  • Estimated cost: TBD plus credit hour expense
  • Contact Person: Dr. Michelle Cho

United Kingdom
NURS 4902: Healthcare in Great Britain Education Abroad Elective

Dates: May 12-27, 2020

  • Course Description: This interdisciplinary elective will examine, compare, and contrast nursing and healthcare between the British system and the USA. Exploration and analysis in a historical and contemporary context will promote a greater depth of discernment and consideration of factors impacting healthcare practice and access. Collaboration and learning will occur with faculty and students from the Department of Health Studies and the College of Nursing.
  • Estimated cost: TBD plus credit hour expense – estimate for trip cost – $2760
    2 elective credits undergraduate; 3 elective credits graduate
  • Contact Person: Dr. Shopha Tserotas; Dr. Joan Edwards

NURS 4902/6903: Vietnam Education Abroad Elective

Dates: May 11-25, 2020

  • Course Description: With focus on culture, health care, and nursing education, the participants will have an opportunity to attend the 4th International Nursing Conference, present a PICO poster presentation or a deep cultural reflection, experience first-hand clinical nursing side by side with the Vietnamese nurses in Ho Chi Minh City at a renowned hospital, and participate in a “once in a lifetime” experience in the Far East. Participants will have opportunity to explore the Vietnamese culture in the bustling life in Ho Chi Minh city, cruising the Mekong River, explore the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, its historic cultural sites and world renowned Ha Long bay. Relive moments of the life of a royal princess, queen or king in the historic Imperial Nguyen dynasty capital city of Hue in central Vietnam. Visit the famous Huong river, and the Thien Mu Pagoda. Along with these activities, the participants will have opportunity to explore the world famous Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Estimated cost: $2650.00 or less, plus
    2 elective credit hrs – undergraduates; 3 elective credit hrs – graduate students.
  • Contact Person: Dr. Vi Ho; Dr. Peggy Landrum

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