The Netherlands

Country Lead Faculty: Dr. Anne Koci


Historically, TWU’s relationship with The Netherlands goes back to 2006. The collaboration was developed when Lillian Garcia-Maas, a TWU CON graduate alumni contacted the Director of International Nursing Affairs to inquire about potential nursing student exchange programs. Lillian had moved to Holland after marrying her husband, who is from the Netherlands. She is faculty at the University of Rotterdam in Holland. She and her colleague A.J. ter Maten-Speksnijder flew to Houston, meeting with Dean, Associate Dean and graduate faculty within the TWU College of Nursing in April 2006. A proposal and contract for the collaboration was developed and submitted to the TWU Vice Provost and approval was received for the program by summer 2006. Internationalization of the master in advance nursing practice (MANP) curriculum is an academic pillar at Rotterdam University. TWU has been an active partner in internationalizing their nursing curriculum by hosting Dutch nurse practitioner students and by working collaboratively on keypal (email) exchanges and case study discussions and presentations. This unique international exchange is embedded and planned in the NP curriculum at both universities. Dr. Brenda Binder in the TWU Houston campus College of Nursing initially provided opportunities for the TWU nurse practitioner students and the Rotterdam students to share case studies and then to present in class when the Rotterdam students were visiting the Houston campus. Students also learn about differences in the nurse practitioner role in each country, discuss issue/trends in health care and in the future potentially will be collaborating on nursing research.

2011 was a landmark year. While TWU faculty and students were visiting Rotterdam University, the Netherlands implemented the first legislation by any nation in the world to allow nurse practitioners to practice autonomously. Participants will never forget hearing that joyous news.

The Netherlands/TWU annual collaboration was renewed with a formal Memorandum of Understanding in 2015. Visits occur annually with the University of Rotterdam nurse practitioner students and faculty coming to TWU – Houston campus in the Fall. For the past few years, TWU has sent a delegation of nurse practitioner students and faculty, led by Dr. Anne Koci, in the Spring.

The 2017 Spring Education Abroad trip to The Netherlands took place in April. Seven family nurse practitioner students along with two faculty participated in the trip. Students took part in group activities with their Netherland peers. Students from TWU had opportunity to lead some of the group discussions. Observation at clinical sites with their nurse practitioner student peers was also a component of the learning experiences. The TWU group attended a nurse practitioner international conference which also had representation of nurse practitioners from Finland. Faculty arranged time for tours of Dutch nursing homes in Rotterdam and Delft which are known for their holistic, high quality care. Cultural and sightseeing opportunities were the focus of any remaining time.

2018 trip highlights

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