United Kingdom

United Kingdom May 14-29, 2019
NURS 4902: Healthcare in Great Britain Education Abroad Elective

A total of 14 nursing students and TWU faculty participated in a two week course to the UK which examined, compared, and contrasted nursing and healthcare between the British system and the USA. Highlights of the experience included:

  • A lecture on nursing education in the UK at the University of London, the number one nursing and midwifery program in London. TWU students met with other UK students after the presentation to share experiences. The visit included a tour of their state-of-the-art labs and discussion of similarities and differences between the two approaches to nursing education.
  • A tour of the maternity wards at St. Thomas Hospital, including a discussion with two midwives/educators.
  • A tour of St. George’s University Medical School and Hospital, including their Pathology Museum where students were able to see first-hand and identify diseases from pathology specimens. The program admissions coordinator, a medical student, and a midwife shared information about the hospital and program.
  • A lecture from a Community Health nurse and an O.R. nurse manager about UK nursing practice, training, and about the UK National Health System (NHS).
  • Lectures from a former OB-GYN about the NHS system and private health insurance in the UK, and a lecture from a GP (General Practitioner) about cervical cancer screenings and pathway to screening and treatment. This was followed by a tour of St. Bartholomew’s hospital, the outpatient cancer support center (Maggie’s Centre), and the hospital museum.
  • Tour of the Royal College of Nursing & Library- the UK’s professional voice and union for nursing and midwifery practice and policy. Students were able to work on their group presentations together in the Royal College of Nursing Library, which houses Europe’s largest collection of nursing publications and journals.

Other academic, historic, and/or cultural sites: Day trip to Stonehenge and Bath; Bethlem Museum of the Mind, Thames River Cruise, Tower of London, Florence Nightingale Museum, Old Operating Theatre and Victorian Surgery Talk; London Plagues Walking Tour.

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