Country Lead Faculty: Dr. Juan Leyva


The CGN collaboration with Spain began in 2016 when Dr. Juan Leyva came to Texas Woman’s University for six months as a Visiting Scholar. Dr. Leyva, a nursing professor at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), added to his body of HIV research while at TWU. His collaborative team approach lends well to the work that needs to be accomplished in addressing the needs of the global HIV population.

Most of the collaboration between UAB and TWU since 2016 has been in the realm of scholastic activities. While living in Houston, Dr. Leyva working on and/or initiated the following studies:

Leyva-Moral, JM; Palmieri, PA; Cesario, SK, Edwards, JE. Nursing and midwifery faculty attitudes to caring for people living with HIV/AIDS: An international multicenter survey study. Faculty from the following countries have either already participated in this study or have expressed interest in participating — USA, Spain, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Britain, Finland, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Colombia. Dr. Leyva gave a presentation on the initial findings from this research in Dublin, Ireland, July 2017.

Leyva-Moral, J., Palmieri, P., Moriña­Sole, D., Cesario, S., Feijoo­Cid, M., Piscoya­-Angeles, P., Membrillo, N., & Edwards, J.  Podium Presentation. Peruvian, Spanish, and American Nursing Faculty Attitudes to Caring for People Living with HIV/AIDS.  Sigma Theta Tau International 28th International Nursing Research Congress, Dublin, Ireland, July 27-31, 2017

An ongoing collaborative study, Understanding reproductive decision-making in Latina women living with HIV, started in 2016 is still ‘in process’.

A recently published comprehensive meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence regarding the experience of pregnancy for women living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus, will hopefully be helpful in facilitating the transfer of contemporary research findings into evidence-based clinical practice.

Leyva-Moral, J., Piscoya-Angeles, P., Edwards, J. E., & Palmieri, P. (2017).  The experience of Pregnancy living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus: A meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence.   Journal of the Association for Nurses in AIDS Care, 28(4), 587-602, doi: 10.1016/j.jana.2017.04.002.  [July/Aug]

Other presentations and publications related to Dr. Juan Leyva and his work with the Hispanic population and with HIV can be viewed under the CGN website.

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