Industry Partners

The TWU Department of Biology has formed partnerships with the following businesses to provide you with internship, networking and career placement opportunities.

AIT Laboratories: A HealthTRACKRx Company

HealthTrackRx is a clinical solutions company that helps medical professionals with appropriate medication prescribing protocols and monitoring. The company provides cost-effective programs, testing and analytical tools to support appropriate opioid and antibiotic stewardship.

ACRC Trials

ACRC Trials is an investigator site network of award-winning physician practices and clinics, specializing in Phase II-IV pharmaceutical and device studies. Our location at Legacy Medical Village, a master-planned facility that offers primary care and complements it with open-access to independent specialty practices and convenient services, allows us to offer a distinct level of service to the medical research community. With an emphasis on excellence, reliability, and volunteer care, ACRC Trials is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in implementing clinical research studies and managing volunteer safety.

Antibody Systems

Antibody Systems, Inc. is a major producer of diagnostic and therapeutic biological materials for research and manufacturing applications. These products are available for both national and international corporations. They are used primarily by pharmaceutical companies for the development of new drugs and diagnostic test kits.

Arog Pharmaceuticals, INC

Arog Pharmaceuticals is a Phase 3 biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing its lead investigational drug candidate, crenolanib, and a related class of benzimidazole-based compounds to become treatment options for cancer indications with a high unmet medical need.

Since its founding in 2010, Arog has enrolled hundreds of patients in completed or ongoing clinical trials in acute myelogenous leukemia and advanced solid tumors.

Articulate Labs

Articulate Labs has developed a medical device that helps rehabilitate knees through the intelligent application of neuromuscular electrical stimulation to quadriceps musculature during everyday movement. This device may cost-effectively improve mobility and outcomes for those in need of knee rehabilitation, such as those with knee osteoarthritis or a recent knee replacement, by assisting the musculature responsible for shock absorption, weight distribution and knee extension.

Bio-Synthesis Inc

Bio-synthesis is a biology contract manufacturer of high-quality nucleic acids, peptides and other molecular biology products for the research, diagnostic and therapeutic industries. Our solutions help advance drug discovery and bio-medical research. Founded in 1984, Bio-Synthesis is a privately held firm based in Lewisville, Texas.

Ceutical Labs

Ceutical Laboratories has an evolving quality system to meet the ever-changing demands of the regulatory environment for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutraceuticals, cosmetic industries, veterinary markets, otc and dietary supplements. Ceutical Laboratories focuses on the small to medium sized supplier and manufacturer to retain and grow in this highly regulated market.


FabGennix provides high-quality research tools, expert technical support, relevant up-to-date accurate data and fast, worldwide shipping. We are constantly adding new products to our inventory including primary and secondary antibodies, reagents, kits, peptides and positive controls. All of our antibodies are developed and characterized in house.

QRSkin USA, Inc.

Since 1998, QRSkin USA has been committed to delivering innovation in the private and public sectors for dermatological science. Today, they continue to invest in opportunities that combine science and technology to develop health and wellness products for clients around the world.

Sandhill Therapeutics, Inc.

Founded in 2018, Sandhill Therapeutics has harnessed the power of Natural Killer cells and innate T cell populations to maximize tumor killing and to provide a cost-effective, universal, immediately available, cellular immuno-oncology therapy. Sandhill is raising the bar for safety, scalability and storage.

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