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Student Organization of Communication Sciences (SOCS)

Women sitting in front of chalk art on sidewalk that reads Student Organization of Communication Sciences.

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Purpose: SOCS allows you to learn more about communication development and disorders and become involved in community service, professional issues, leadership opportunities and social activities with peers and faculty. As a communication sciences student, you may also join the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Dues: $10 per semester

Location: Denton Campus

Faculty Sponsor: Kim Mory, Cindy Gill-Sams, PhD, and June Levitt, PhD

Convention of American Instructors for the Deaf (CAID)

Group of smiling students in front of Texas School for the Deaf sign.

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Purpose: CAID helps you learn more about deaf culture, provides opportunities to volunteer with members of the deaf community and practice signing with others, in addition to social activities with peers and faculty.

Dues: $10 per year

Location: Denton Campus

Faculty Sponsors: Sarah Wainscott, PhD

Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC)

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Purpose: As members of SCEC, you will join the largest international organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or gifted. You will attend meetings to receive updates on current issues, hear speakers on various topics, develop leadership skills, plan and implement fund raisers and charitable events, contribute to the community and local schools, and attend state and national Council for Exceptional Children conventions.

Location: Denton Campus

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