Educational Leadership

Do you see yourself in a leadership position in education? Our Educational Leadership program (formerly Educational Administration) prepares leaders who are skilled in promoting learning in a culturally diverse society. We provide a comprehensive program that:

  • Prepares candidates for K-12, higher education and other educational settings
  • Assists candidates in defining and building environments that are conducive to learning
  • Provides a rigorous, critical investigation of what is and what ought to be in schools
  • Prepares and develops educational leaders in areas of scholarship and public service
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Master’s Degree (M.Ed. in Educational Leadership)

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree program prepares individuals to serve as instructional supervisors, principals, assistant principals, program directors, and professional development specialists. This degree also leads to principal certification pending successful completion of coursework, internship, and passing of the state certification exam.

Degree Plan for M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

The MEd in Educational Leadership, the principal certification program and the superintendent certification program prepare educator candidates for the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) exam (State Board for Educator Certification through the Texas Education Agency).

Admission Requirements

Admission to the TWU Graduate School

When you apply to the TWU Graduate School, we will evaluate your academic achievement and preparation, as well as your standardized test scores if required. All students must meet the University requirements as outlined in the Admissions to the TWU Graduate School. In addition, most graduate programs have additional admission requirements that must be completed. These requirements can be found on each graduate program website. After acceptance, you will need to begin your program within one year, unless a deferral has been approved by the program.

Check out the links below for specific admissions information:

*Admission to the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

Program Contact

Laura Trujillo-Jenks, Ph.D.

Application Deadlines

Fall – August 1
Spring – May 1
Summer – December 1

Admission Requirements

  • 3.0 GPA on the last 60 hours of study.

How to Apply

  1. Apply for admission to the TWU Graduate School.
  2. Collect and submit the following documents as separate pdf files in ONE email to with the subject line (YOUR LAST NAME)-(YOUR FIRST NAME)-M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. Please attach all items as PDFs.
    • Current résumé.
    • Letter of intent detailing the candidate’s reasons for pursuing an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and/or Principal as Instructional Leader certification.
    • Teaching certificate(s).
    • Teaching service record(s) from district Human Resources offices showing at least two years as teacher of record at an accredited school.
  3. At least two professional references should submit letters of recommendation attesting to the candidate’s ability to do graduate work and be a successful principal as PDFs on institutional or organization letterhead to Recommenders should include student name and "M.Ed. in Educational Leadership" in the subject line.

Principal as Instructional Leader Certification

Students seeking Principal as Instructional Leader certification as part of their M.Ed. in Educational Leadership or as a stand-alone certification program will need to complete the following tasks after admission to the university. These students will receive an email from the Office of Educator Preparation Services directing them to do the following:

  • Apply to the Educator Preparation Program.
  • Successfully complete a pre-admission written interview protocol.
  • Sign a Commitment Contract acknowledging awareness and understanding of the Dispositions Policy and Educators’ Code of Ethics.
  • Complete a digital literacy pre-assessment.
  • Successfully complete a secondary screening instrument.
  • Submit a non-refundable Texas Education Agency Fee.
  • Acknowledge and accept admission to the Educator Preparation Program.

Students seeking Principal as Instructional Leader certification only must have completed a masters’ degree in education or related field.

Fulfilling the requirements for the Principal as Instructional Leader certification (whether in a standalone program or within the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership) includes successfully passing the PAIL 268 examinations and PASL 368 examinations prior to completing ELDR 6613 (Internship for the Principal). The practicum and tasks associated with the PASL require access to and time spent on a TEA-accredited school campus; identifying and securing campus principal support and opportunity for PASL task and practicum completion is the responsibility of the student. Find more information about our testing policy here.

Certification-Only Programs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growing need for principals and superintendents as school enrollments continue to increase. The Department of Teacher Education and the Educational Leadership Program offer coursework leading to recommendation for Texas Principal Certification and Texas Superintendent Certification.

Plan for Principal Certification Only

Plan for Superintendent Certification Only

The M.Ed. and certification-only options are offered in a hybrid format and also may be completed at the Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC). Please contact Laura Trujillo-Jenks, Ph.D., for more information.

More information about state requirements for principal and superintendent certification can be found on the Texas Education Agency website.

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