Post-Bachelor's Initial Teacher Certification-Only

For candidates who did not pursue teacher certification as an undergraduate but hold at least a bachelor's degree, the Department of Teacher Education offers a post-bachelor’s certification-only program. This minimum 21 semester credit hour program, which leads to teacher certification, is offered totally online except for the clinical practice component required by the Texas Education Agency. Courses from the certification-only route may be applied to a master's degree program if students are interested in a graduate degree.

Program of Study and Admission Requirements

Post-Bachelor's Initial Teacher Certification-Only (PBITC) applicants must take and pass a Texas Examinations of Educator Standard (TExES) content exam for the certification area sought via the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) route prior to applying to the PBITC program (e.g., EC-6 Core Subjects, 7-12 Math, 4-8 Science, etc.). Passing PACT does not guarantee admittance into a program. All other program admission requirements must also be met.

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Program Plan

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Colleges and universities recommend individuals for teacher certification, but certification is granted by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Requirements for initial teacher certification in Texas include earning a baccalaureate degree, completing an approved educator preparation program, passing a minimum of two examinations — one in content and one that covers instruction and professional responsibilities (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility exams) — and being recommended by an approved educator preparation program.

The teacher certification process in Texas is an online system; paper applications are not accepted. Please note: It is your responsibility to apply for certification through TEA. It cannot be initiated by the university. This should be done toward the end of your final semester in the program, just prior to graduation.

For information on certification requirements and procedures specific to TWU, see Certification Requirements and Procedures

Certification Options

Early Childhood Certification Options

  • EC-6 Core Subjects
  • EC-6 Core Subjects with Bilingual
  • EC-6 Core Subjects with English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • EC-6 Core Subjects with Special Education

Middle School Options

  • 4-8 Core Subjects
  • 4-8 Core Subjects with Bilingual
  • 4-8 Core Subjects with English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • 4-8 Core Subjects with Special Education
  • 4-8 English Language Arts and Reading
  • 4-8 Math
  • 4-8 Social Studies
  • 4-8 Science

Grades 6-12 Options

  • Dance
  • Family & Consumer Science
  • Physical Science

Grades 7-12 Options

  • Composite Science
  • English Language Arts and Reading
  • History
  • Life Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies

Grades 8-12 Options

  • Hospitality, Nutrition, Food, and Science
  • Human Development and Family Studies

All-level Options

  • Art
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education
  • Theatre Arts

If you have questions regarding teacher certification, contact the Office of Educator Preparation Services within the College of Professional Education.

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