Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program

Did you start your career in another field, but now wish to become a teacher? Our M.A.T. program will enable you to earn initial teacher certification while earning a graduate degree.

Post-Bachelor's Initial Teacher Certification Only

We also offer a certification-only option if you have your undergraduate degree and wish to just pursue your teaching certification.

Teaching, Leadership, and Collaboration

Our M.Ed. in Teaching, Leadership, and Collaboration is designed to provide enhanced knowledge to classroom teachers who wish to be more fluent with best practices and those who aspire to leadership positions within their schools or district.

Educational Leadership

Our M.Ed. in Educational Leadership is designed to develop school and district leaders who are student-centered, knowledgeable about curriculum and policies, and capable of mentoring teachers and students to maximize potential and meet the needs of a dynamic school environment.

If you already have a graduate degree, we offer certification-only programs for both principals and superintendents.

Special Education 

Our M.Ed. in Special Education is designed to build special educators’ fluency with empirically-supported practices and how those practices can be applied to meet the needs of all learners in a classroom.  We offer a stand-alone M.Ed. and an M.Ed + Educational Diagnostician certification program, which prepares special educators to further serve the field as diagnosticians who assess and find appropriate interventions to meet learners’ educational and behavioral needs.

We also offer a Ph.D. in Special Education, which prepares students to be leaders, scholars, and advocates in the field of special education.

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