Student Union Services

Art Gallery

Located on the first floor, the art gallery will feature rotating exhibits from current TWU students.

Meditation Room

Located on the first floor, the meditation room offers students an opportunity to relax and find their center.

Lactation Room

The Student Union lactation room offers a comfortable, private area for the milk expression or breastfeeding. The room is accessible by obtaining a code from the Information Desk, and is equipped with a refrigerator, seating and electrical outlets. 

TWU lactation rooms are managed by the Campus Alliance for Resource Education (CARE). Contact the CARE office with questions at 940-898-2789.  

Game Room

The Game Room offers recreational opportunities between or after classes, after work or during campus visits. Equipment may be checked out from the Information Desk with a valid TWU ID. Game Room equipment usage is restricted to TWU Student, Staff or Faculty. Equipment must be returned to the Information Desk when finished.  

Patrons of the game room are expected to be respectful of the equipment and other guests. Equipment should not have food or beverages placed on it.  Standing, sitting, leaning, and anything else that could be abusive to the equipment is prohibited.  Programming on the TV monitors should remain appropriate for all audiences. The garage doors can only be opened and closed by Student Union staff.  Student Union Staff  reserve the right to suspend the privilege to utilize the space if participants act in a manner that is inappropriate, unsafe, or not in compliance with the Game Room rules.  Per the Texas Penal Code, gambling is prohibited.  Minors must be supervised by an adult at all times.  

Student Veteran Space

The Veterans Lounge, located on the first floor room 1214, provides a dedicated space for our veteran and active duty students. The center is managed by the TWU CARE Office and offers a quiet study space with computers, desks, phone chargers, as well as a space to relax with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker. Currently enrolled veterans and active duty students may access the space by tapping their TWU ID on the ID lock. For questions or assistance with access, please contact the CARE office at 940.898.2789

Commuter Lounge

Located on the first floor room 1210, the commuter lounge provides relaxing space for students -who live off campus -to heat up their meals, work on a computer, charge a phone or simply hang out.

Quiet Lounge

The quiet lounge provides a space for students to study or relax without distraction. Group discussions and meetings should not take place in the quiet lounge.  Listening to audio media without headphones is 

Lost & Found

The Student Union maintains a Lost and Found service at the Information Desk for items found in and around the building. Unclaimed items will be discarded after one (1) week from the date of receipt. Any item in the Lost and Found must be picked up by the owner. Confirmation of items contained in the Lost and Found is not permitted over the phone. Lost TWU ID cards will be handed over to the ID Services Office (Jones Hall). Lost keys, wallets and credit cards will be handed over to the TWU Department of Public Safety (Oakland Complex). Lost university keys will be handed over to the Locksmith in Facilities Management.


Lockers are available for TWU students for no cost.  Faculty and staff may reserve lockers for $25/semester or $50/academic year.

Lockers can be reserved through the Information Desk. There is a limited number of lockers available, and the requests will be reviewed based on items stored, need, and availability.  A person may reserve one locker per session.  Locker tenants are solely responsible for their own property.  The Student Union is not responsible for lost or stolen items at any time during or after the rental period. Any acts of vandalism will be reported to TWU DPS.

All lockers must be cleaned out and emptied on or before the last day of finals for the semester or academic year, pending the payment plan. The contents that remain in lockers after the last day will be disposed of at that time.  

The following items may not be stored in lockers: Hazardous materials, flammable chemicals, illegal substances, animals, and food. Lockers will be subjected to random searches throughout the academic year. If a locker is found to have items that break any rules within the Code of Student Conduct or Student Union guidelines, the tenant may face disciplinary charges.  

Minerva’s Market

Located on the 1st floor room 1203, this free food pantry is open for currently enrolled TWU students experiencing hunger. For additional information including hours, please visit their site

Building Guidelines


See the Student Union at Hubbard Hall page for additional information.


Animals are not permitted inside campus facilities, with the exception of those used to assist persons with disabilities or when in compliance with the Pets at Work Policy (URP: V.13.i). 

Back Dock

The loading dock is intended for the use of persons or companies delivering or picking up items in the Student Union only.  The loading dock is not a parking facility.  Upon arrival, a group unloading at the back dock must call the information desk and leave their license plate number.  Unidentified vehicles are subject to ticketing. 

The loading dock area must be clear of trash and debris. All trash, recycled materials, or cardboard must be deposited in the appropriate containers.  Cleaning fees will be charged to the department or group that leaves trash on the back dock.


Chalk used must be regular, water-soluble, and easily removed by rain.  Spray chalk, marking chalk, spray paint, wax chalk and/or other permanent, semi-permanent or “short-term” marking materials are prohibited. Oil-based, aerosol, marker, wax and paint products are prohibited.  Chalking is not permitted on the east entrance for the Student Union (Hubbard porch).  

Refer to TWU Chalking Protocols for additional information.


Guests of the Union are welcome to play the piano located outside of the Southwest Ballroom, provided an event is not currently taking place. No items or food may be placed on the pianos. Pianists are expected to be courteous of others by monitoring their noise level and by responding promptly and politely when asked to cease playing. The Student Union holds the right to close public piano access at any time.   

The piano cannot be relocated from its original location. If a piano is needed for a reservation, please contact the Student Union office.

Wheeled Devices

Mopeds, bicycles, electric scooters, razor scooters, non-electric scooters, skateboards, roller-skates, rollerblades and wheeled tennis shoes may not be used in the Student Union. An exception exists only for devices required for ADA accessibility.  

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