Marketing Your SUHH Event

The following guidelines apply to marketing within the Student Union building:

  • Advertising events and activities related to recognized student organizations, departments, or administrative units may be displayed in the Student Union.
  • All advertising material must display the name and contact information of the sponsoring organization or department.
  • All messages displayed should reflect the mission and values of the University. Advertisements promoting alcohol, tobacco, firearms, adult businesses, or other material incongruent with University values or policies are prohibited. Additionally, advertising material that is discriminatory, hateful, threatening or have inappropriate and/or derogatory information, referring to any person or group, will be immediately removed. The Student Union reserves the right to remove all advertisements that are not in compliance with this policy.
  • All advertising materials are discarded after the date of the event listed on the materials. All materials without a date specified will be removed the first day of each month. If you prefer your materials are not discarded, you may remove them prior to the first day of the month and repost them after the boards are cleared.
  • The Student Union is not responsible for content errors and/or false information.

Posters and Flyers on Indoor Bulletin Boards

Posters and flyers may be posted in the manner described below:

  • Use the two bulletin boards located on the first floor near the west entrance, outside of the SGA Chambers or near the elevators.
  • Only push pins, thumbtacks, and staples may be used. All other methods of affixing posters/flyers (i.e., tape, putty, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Postings improperly affixed are subject to removal.
  • All other bulletin boards are designated for individual department use. Any non-related material will be immediately removed.

Any posters/flyers hung outside of the approved manners will be removed, and the department or organization may forfeit their posting privileges and be held responsible for any damage incurred upon removal.

Digital Signage

  • Organizations and departments may request for graphics to be added to the free-standing digital signage displays which are located throughout the building.
  • An online request must be made through Student Life Design Services.
  • Graphics will be displayed for up to two (2) weeks.
  • Mounted digital displays are managed by the Student Union and are limited to content either sponsored by or taking place within the Student Union. Contact the Student Union for requests.

Table Tents

  • A table tent is defined as a self-standing promotional material, usually made from folded paper. Table tents may be three, or four-sided, no loose paper is allowed.
  • Table tents may be placed on table-top surfaces in designated areas within the Student Union. Table tent placement is limited to the first-floor and second-floor corridors, game room, commuter and veteran’s lounges, quiet lounge, and Bunsen Tea Lab.
  • A maximum of 20 table tents may be placed for each event and a maximum of 2 table tents may reside on each table surface (on a first-come, first serve basis).
  • Table tents may not be affixed to the table in any form. Table tents that are affixed are subject to removal by the Student Union.
  • Table tents may only be displayed for up to 30 days prior to the event.  Table tents will be removed by SU staff when the event concludes.

A-Frames/Sandwich Boards/Free Standing Signs

  • An easel may be requested for designated locations to promote events taking place in the Student Union on the day(s) of the event only for a fee. Student Union easels will not be permitted to leave the building.
  • A-frame sign holders are available for signage in designated locations within the Student Union.  A-frame signage is open to any university-sponsored event regardless of location and may be placed up to 14 days prior to the event.  Designated A-frame locations are:
    • On the west side of the Performance Center near the stairs.  Up to three A-frame signs may be displayed at any time, and one must always be reserved for Student Union Programming events.
    • By the Owl Statue on the second floor.  Up to three A-frame signs may be displayed at any time, and one must always be reserved for Student Union Programming events.
  • Ground stake signs and other signage may be used outdoors on the Hubbard Lawn and Amphitheater but could be removed to accommodate an event.
  • Signage may be placed on the Hubbard Porch on the day of the event as long as it does not impede traffic.  Items must not be hung on or in any way secured to the columns or building.
  • Free-standing signage is not permitted in the Rotunda.
  • Signage may be removed at any time at the discretion of Student Union staff.

Sidewalk Chalk

  • Sidewalk chalk must be limited to main concrete sidewalk areas exposed to the weather.
  • Chalk may not be used on the plaza, patio, steps, or brick surfaces
  • Chalk used must be regular, water-soluble, and easily removed by rain. Spray chalk, marking chalk, spray paint, wax chalk, and/or other permanent, semi-permanent, or “short-term” marking materials are prohibited. Oil-based, aerosol, marker, wax, and paint products are prohibited.
  • Refer to TWU Chalking Protocols for additional information.


The only banners permitted on the Hubbard columns are general banners for University events (Welcome Back Students, Commencement, etc.) and are arranged by the Student Union Office.  Event-specific banners are not permitted.


Table spaces are available to reserve in designated locations throughout the building. Please view the tabling reservation information in the 2023-2024 Reservation Policies and Procedures for more information. 

Other Marketing Ideas

All other methods of advertising not listed within this policy must be reviewed and approved by the Student Union office, including floor decals, window clings/stickers, standing displays, etc.

All groups MUST receive approval from the Student Union Office.

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