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Graduate in as little as 2 years | 34-40 credit hours | Flexible course and practicum locations

Why earn your MS in ESN at TWU’s Denton program?

Exercise and Sports Nutrition students take a patients vitals.

Thesis or coursework only options

Flexibility to complete the MS in Exercise and Sports Nutrition your way by choosing thesis or coursework-only option.

Thesis option: 28 credit hours of required coursework, six credit hours of thesis coursework and a final oral exam (thesis defense).

Coursework-only option: 23 credit hours of required coursework and 17 credit hours of additional coursework.

Practicum rotation opportunities

Gain practical experience through working with athletes in intercollegiate and professional teams, local school districts, as well as in hospitals, private practice RDNs and corporate wellness centers.

As part of the Exercise and Sports Nutrition degree requirement, all students participate in and complete 3 semester credit hours of structured, supervised practical experiences, potentially including both on and off-campus experiences. A minimum of 45 clock hours of supervised practice is required for each semester's credit hour.

Recent or upcoming practicum rotation sites may include:

  • EXOS
  • TWU Athletics
  • University of North Texas Athletics
  • Nutriworks (Eve Pearson, RDN)
  • Texas Health Resources Sports Medicine
  • Absolute Recomp

Dietetic internship opportunity

TWU’s Denton campus ESN program offers a highly competitive year-long internship focusing on medical nutrition therapy for students. The program affiliates with more than 50 prestigious internship sites in the Denton/DFW Metroplex.

The dietetic internship/master’s program prepares you to become an RDN ONLY if you already have a nutrition-related bachelor’s degree. If you do not have a nutrition-related bachelor’s degree and want to be an RDN, we recommended completing our BS in Nutrition (Dietetics) program first before pursuing the dietetic internship/master’s program.

Learn more about the Dietetic Internship Master’s Degree Program.

Conduct research with TWU faculty

At TWU, you have the opportunity to participate in research with faculty in any of the on-campus laboratories. Research opportunities related to exercise and sports nutrition include:

  • Examining the effects of walnut butter on improving satiety and body composition in overweight and obese adolescents engaged in a weight management program
  • Evaluating the effects of mango feeding in exhaustive exercise on immune response in healthy non-active young adults
  • Assessing the impact of short term consumption of watermelon-rind blended product with exercise testing on inflammatory and vascular (microRNA) biomarkers
  • Analyzing the impact of plant, animal and bacterial-based protein sources on muscle growth and recovery
  • Evaluating the effect of different dietary proteins and lipids on blood glucose and insulin action in diabetes
  • Exploring the effect of different dietary proteins on sex hormones and parameters associated with reproduction
  • Evaluating the impact of specific vegetables on weight regulation and satiety in obesity
  • Developing alternative ergogenic products to be consumed during and following exercise
  • Exploring the nutritional health and wellbeing of Firefighters and other First Responders
  • Developing treatment modalities to reduce the symptoms and consequences of PTSD
Roxanne Vogel smiles in an office setting.

"TWU was supportive of the research I wanted to do. Taking advantage of TWU’s strong research background was the greatest asset for my career. Now I'm using that research, applying it in the real world and taking new products up Mt. Everest."

Roxanne Vogel (MS '17), Nutrition & Performance Research Manager, GU Energy Labs

Denton Research Faculty

Kenneth Broughton
Chair & Professor
Research interests: The Impact of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and other Dietary Components on Immune Regulation; Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Monique LeMieux
Associate Professor
Expertise: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; Inflammation; Obesity; Nutritional Interventions; Cholesterol Metabolism; Insulin resistance
Kathleen Davis
Associate Professor
Research interests: Pediatric Obesity Prevention and Weight Management; Pediatric Developmental Disorders and Nutritional Intervention
Cynthia Warren
Assistant Professor
Research interests: Food and Nutrition Literacy; Community Nutrition Education Research and Programming

Career Opportunities

TWU's ESN program prepares you to work as a sports nutritionist or wellness coach in a variety of settings. Opportunities include working in:

  • Professional and amateur sports teams or collegiate athletics
  • Hospitals, clinics or rehabilitation centers
  • Government agencies or public schools
  • Private practice

Courses & Curriculum at TWU

The MS in ESN program core courses focus on nutrition, exercise physiology, sports nutrition and research methods. Internship and practicum requirements provide hands-on skills and training in clinical and laboratory settings.

Admission to the M.S. in Exercise and Sports Nutrition

Program Contact

Shane Broughton, PhD, (ESN Denton)
Chair & Professor
OMB 307

Wesley Tucker, PhD, (ESN Houston)
Assistant Professor

Application Deadlines

Fall — June 15*
Spring — October 1*
Summer — April 1*

* Our department has rolling admission for all of our graduate programs, however, to ensure a proper start time, we recommend having your application completed by the dates listed above.

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate semester credit hour prerequisites, including:
    • Chemistry, including Organic and Biochemistry (9-12 hours)
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology (3-4 hours)
    • Introduction to Nutrition (3 hours)
    • Upper-level Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition: Macronutrients and Micronutrients and Nutrition through the Lifecycle (6-9 hours)
  • Minimum 3.25 GPA on a 4.0 scale for the last 60 undergraduate semester credit hours and all post-baccalaureate and graduate semester credit hours.

Applicants who meet the above criteria with exception of GPA may qualify for provisional admission if they have at least a 3.0 GPA (4.0 scale) on the last 60 undergraduate semester credit hours. If the applicant has previously earned graduate credits from TWU or another regionally accredited graduate program, the first 12 credit hours completed will be considered in lieu of the last 60 undergraduate hours.

  • Email addresses for two individuals familiar with your academic capabilities, who can respond to a recommendation form to be requested through and submitted into the application.
  • Statement of intent that describes your reasons for pursuing graduate work, background experience, and professional goals, to be uploaded into application.

Graduate Admission

Begin by reviewing your program's website to see if there are additional admission requirements and application deadlines prior to applying.  

  1. Apply online.
    Apply to Graduate Programs  via the TWU Online Graduate Application Portal following instructions below.  
  2. Submit transcripts to TWU.
    • Domestic Applicants must submit official transcripts for each college or university attended, both undergraduate and graduate. See the Information on Transcripts website for more details.
    • International Applicants are now required to provide an evaluation prepared by a NACES or AICE member evaluation service. International transcripts should not be sent directly to TWU. See the International Admissions website for more details.
  3. Submit Recommendation Requests
    If your program requires you to submit names for recommendations you will need to do it in the application.
  4. Pay the application fee.
    The $50 fee ($75 fee for International applicants), which applies to all new and returning applicants, can be paid by:
    1. Credit card - Pay Online through the application as the last step before submitting the application. The second portion of the application will not be available until the application fee has been received.
    2. Certified check or money order by mail or electronically - Payable to TWU, sent by mail to:
      TWU Admissions Processing, 304 Administration Drive, Suite 102, Denton, Texas 76204
      (include your full name and ID number).
    3. Cash (no personal checks) - Pay at the Bursar's Office. After paying, bring the receipt to Admissions Processing (down the hall in ACT).
    4. Fee Waivers - Graduate applicants who are certified McNair Scholars are eligible for a McNair Scholar Application Fee Waiver. TWU Alumni may be eligible for the Alumni Advantage Fee Waiver. Check your eligibility here: If eligible submit the request using the Application Fee Waiver Submission
    5. Following fee payment return to the application dashboard where supplemental application documents can be uploaded. The online application will list which documents are needed to fulfill the program admission requirements. You can also check the program's website.

For more information or assistance with the application or graduate admissions, visit the Graduate Admissions website.

Students who wish to apply for a Graduate Assistantship must meet the General Criteria for Appointment of Graduate Assistants

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