Summer Bridge FAQ

Is this bridge program open to all new incoming first-year students?

No, not at this time. This summer bridge program is restricted to only incoming first-year students, who signed the Promise Pledge from one of the participating high schools.

Can transfer students apply?

At this time, transfer students will not be eligible to apply for this bridge program. 

If I apply and get accepted into the program, do I have to participate in the entire program?

If a student is accepted into the bridge program, they are expected to participate in and complete all components of the summer bridge program.

What will I need to be able to participate in the bridge program?

Students will need to have access to the internet and an electronic device such as a computer or tablet to be able to engage in the program.

I am currently working during the summer; will there be a way for me to participate in the bridge program?

Yes, we are working to accommodate working students with an option to attend sessions in the morning or evening.

Do I have to choose a specific major or career choice to be in the program?

No, you do not have to commit to a specific major to apply. We are seeking to accept students with varying career interests and majors.

I have applied to TWU but have not received an acceptance letter; can I still apply for the bridge program?

Unfortunately, only accepted TWU students are eligible to apply for the bridge program. Once accepted into TWU, the student can then apply for the bridge program. Students can check to see their admission application status here.

I have not completed my FASFA/TASFA app, but have been accepted into TWU, can I still apply to be in the bridge program?

Yes, you can still apply to be in the bridge program. However, we highly encourage students to have a completed FASFA or TASFA on file with the university. You may contact Financial Aid at TWU for more guidance.

I am registering to take summer classes; will I be able to apply for the bridge program?

Yes, if you are an incoming first-year Promise student, you can apply for the bridge program.

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