Strategic Plan for the Division of Student Life

The Division of Student Life actively supports the mission of Texas Woman's University and it's learning environment by:

  • Providing intentional educational opportunities beyond the classroom to empower and affirm the full development of students, primarily women
  • Enhancing progress and welfare of students
  • Encouraging students to develop and employ a variety of intellectual, humanitarian and leadership skills, which will provide a foundation for lifelong learning and service
  • Recognizing, supporting and responding to the needs of diverse populations.


We commit to greater purpose through teaching and learning

TWU will educate individuals through a student-centered education for all of our students, focusing on the teaching and learning of the whole person for empowerment and success.

The Division of Student Life seeks to ensure that the TWU student life experience will develop the whole person and reflect a transformative learning process.

  • Intentionally invite students to bring their life experiences into the learning process to encourage reflection on their own and others’ perspectives. This reflective process is intended to provide opportunities for students to expand their worldview and apply new understandings to their own lives.
  • Enhance knowledge of scholarship on resiliency, developing a common framework and language, and extending skills for engaging in educational dialogues for division staff.
  • Identify key marketable skills that students gain toward personal enrichment and pre-professional development in conjunction with Academic Affairs.
  • Create opportunities for experiential learning; peer instruction; and structured group experiences that foster active learning, decision-making, and create a culture reflecting coherent values and ethical standards.

The Division of Student Life will seek and promote greater collaboration with academics in enhancing student learning, will facilitate student retention and academic progress by removing barriers for student success, and will provide a developmental, educational and co-curricular learning environment to prepare students to work and live in a global world.

  • Fortify campus support systems with a focus on student degree completion in conjunction with Academic Affairs (E.g., early alert, student mapping, four years at a glance, and experiential scholars).
  • Develop a co-curricular record of experiences focusing on outside-the-classroom activities.
  • Identify high impact co-curricular learning experiences that predict academic and personal success at TWU.
  • In conjunction with Academic Affairs, develop intentional and targeted programmatic offerings and intervention strategies for students at different stages of their TWU journey, giving consideration to the different campuses. (E.g., sophomore year, first year ambassadors, first year experience, transfer center, online student experience,
    graduate student experiences)
  • Share how Student Life can assist in developing an institutional focus on retention and student success. One key way in helping to build an institutional focus is in developing and providing available support toward student success by working alongside and with faculty.
  • Leverage data to promote access, inclusion, and positive student success outcomes.
  • Leverage our international presence to educate the university community on global issues and increase our support for international students.

The Division of Student Life will deliver programs and services to facilitate a culture of health, safety, and wellbeing amongst students.

  • Intentionally create opportunities and experiences focusing on student engagement across differences, understanding and appreciation of diversity, and intercultural connectedness.
  • Encourage student development, interest and build students’ capacity to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Expand our capacity to provide timely, responsive, appropriate support for students in crisis or experiencing distress.

Performance Indicators:

  • By 2022, senior year students will report a mean score of 4.3 on the resiliency scale (4.0 Spring 2015) change over time as reported by the Multi-Institutional Survey on Leadership.
  • By 2022, 55% of students (51% Spring 2015) will indicate that they often or very often engage in socio-cultural conversations as reported by the Multi-Institutional Survey on Leadership subscale.


We lead in multifaceted ways by applying our individual and collective expertise

TWU will provide systematic and meaningful opportunities for students, staff and faculty to celebrate the value of diversity in leadership and to acquire skills that empower them to lead with distinction, intentionality and purpose.

The Division of Student Life will lead in the creation of a unified vision of leadership across the institution that guides student development opportunities. As a part of this initiative we will identify a leadership model to streamline language and communication and direct tactics and assessment.

  • The Division of Student Life will develop a leadership framework model which addresses skills related to multicultural competency.
  • Student leadership development practices will be infused throughout the division as we all engage with students in different ways through a variety of enriching programs, retreats and workshops designed specifically to enhance the leadership capabilities and marketable skills in every student.
  • The Division of Student Life will focus on the ongoing development of student-led organizations, student-led initiatives, student employees and teams across campus as leadership laboratories where marketable skills may be developed.

The Division of Student Life will create a culture that fosters tackling challenges head on, embraces the process of ongoing trial and error, supports the value of innovation and creativity, and encourages calculated, educated, risk-taking.

  • The Division of Student Life will identify and develop practices in order to help students recognize, face, and manage or overcome problems and challenges and to see failure as an opportunity to be strengthened, rather than defeated. (E.g., student organization advising, student governance, student conduct)

The Division of Student Life will empower students to have a voice/platform regarding larger social issues by formalizing processes and opportunities for students.

  • The Division of Student Life will create programs allowing students the opportunity to have a voice in social issues.
  • The Division of Student Life will foster an inclusive campus community that embraces social justice and facilitates learning across identities and affinities, creating a shared sense of connection, belonging, and social responsibility.

Performance Indicators:

  • By 2022, at least 33% of students will have held a leadership position in an organization (29% in 2015) as reported by the Multi-Institutional Survey on Leadership.
  • By 2019, Student Life will identify how student leaders score on resiliency and then develop specific strategies to increase their resiliency using 2018 as a benchmark year.
  • By 2018, a common leadership model and characteristics & skills will be identified.


We transform lives through inclusive networks and purposeful partnerships

TWU will express its ethic of service through engagement with our local, state, national and international communities as a means to empower the lives of the server as well as those they serve.

The Division will ensure that service and civic engagement are central to our programs and activities.

  • As a “Campus with a Heart”, create campus traditions and service opportunities that advance civic engagement as our community ethos for the purpose of fostering an inclusive campus community that creates a shared sense of connection, belonging, and social responsibility.

Performance Indicators:

  • The percent of students indicating engagement in community service as reported by the Multi-Institutional Survey on Leadership will increase from 39% in 2015 to 50% in 2022.
  • By 2022, senior year students will report a mean score of 4.1 on the citizenship scale (3.9 spring 2015) as reported by the Multi-Institutional Survey on Leadership.


We seek new ways to improve our world through research and creative expression.

TWU will grow its contributions to discovery by empowering the institution and its community in the doing and teaching of the discovery process.

The Division of Student Life should be involved in design and implementation of campus wide efforts to assess student learning and personal development and use the results to improve the quality of the student experience.

  • Create a divisional infrastructure that supports assessment and research.
  • Develop a division-wide partnership with Institutional Research to support “big data analytics” related to Student Life.

Performance Indicators:

  • By 2020, using data, assessment and best practices, innovative student leadership models and programs will be developed for the unique TWU population.


We commit to excellence within people and sustainable and safe university environments.

Building on the accounting framework known as the triple bottom line—people, profits, and planet—TWU will invest in its people, its campuses, its community and its financial well-being to ensure its future.

The Division of Student Life will capitalize on our culture of caring and hire individuals consistent with those values.

  • The Division of Student Life will engage in professional development and other activities that routinely highlight our mission-driven, student-centered approach to our work across the division.
  • The Division of Student Life strives to be intentional in our efforts to value our staff. (E.g., by recognizing their work, acknowledging their strengths, and supporting their well-being)

The Student Life Division will strive to foster a safe and sustainable environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

  • The Division of Student Life will participate and support the university’s master plan initiative to include issues related to both safety and sustainability.
  • The Division of Student Life will develop and support plans to address deferred maintenance and equipment replacement needs.

The Division of Student Life will explore alternative revenue streams to support the prosperity of the university and to benefit students.

  • The Division of Student Life will seek opportunities to partner with or offer services to external constituencies as a means of generating revenue and extending our resources.

Performance Indicators:

  • TWU will invest a percentage of our annual operating budget in employee development programs, including initiatives focused on employee health and work-life balance.
  • Student Life will establish budget staff development in the Division
  • By 2018, units within the Division for which potential revenue generation exists will create a strategic direction for pursuing additional revenue.

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