Striving for Excellence is more than just a campaign for the university's first-ever athletic fee; it's a vote for the future of the university and the legacy today's students leave for the next generation.

Vote YES for TWU!

On November 1-2, TWU students will have an opportunity to leave a legacy for generations of future Pioneers by voting for the first-ever Athletic fee in university history! Not only will this fee help university athletics programs remain competitive, but also it will help increase the overall visibility of the university, which benefits everyone!  

TWU Athletics serves as the front porch of the university. Through five NCAA Division II teams as well as four competitive sports teams and a mascot program, student-athletes compete against--and often beat--some of the biggest names in women's NCAA athletics. 

TWU gymnasts pose with their 2022 trophy

Excellence at TWU

TWU's gymnastic team earned some legendary titles in 2022: Conference Champions, National Champions and Academic National Champions. While that last one may not be official, it accurately describes their hard work. According to the Women's Collegiate Gymnastics Association (WCGA), TWU earned a 3.8774 total team GPA, making it the highest in the nation!

"This award further demonstrates the commitment this team has to achieve excellence in every area of their lives," TWU head gymnastics coach Lisa Bowerman said.

How much will it cost?

Athletic Fee
Change in
3 107.13 90.00 36.00 126.00 18.87
6 214.26 180.00 72.00 252.00 37.74
9 250.00 210.00 108.00 318.00 68.00
12 250.00 210.00 144.00 354.00 104.00
15 250.00 210.00 180.00 390.00  140.00
athletic fee of $12 (equivalent to $36 per 3-hour course)
maximum reached at 15 credit hours
reduce student service fees
up to $40
Leah Deaver

Representing TWU is very important to me. Just because it's not a big school doesn't mean that it doesn't have a big impact--especially on women. This athletic fee is not just for athletes, it also benefits students by letting them come to free games; it's tradition and a way to experience college life and college games.

Leah Deaver, softball

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need an athletic fee?

  • Increase the overall visibility of the university
  • Remain competitive as an institution among students and student-athletes
  • Address limitations of existing facilities and provide safe equipment
  • Allow for more student activities and mental health support

How does TWU compare with other universities?

Based on data from College Tuition Compare, even if the fee passes, TWU will remain less expensive than all of our closest competitors, including UT Arlington, UNT, Texas A&M Commerce, and UT Tyler.

Additionally, among other members of the Lone Star Conference, Texas Woman's is the ONLY university that does not have an athletic fee. Those fees range from $12 per credit hour to $32 per credit hour. 

Why are we holding a referendum?

A referendum is a campus-wide vote on a compulsory fee(s). Votes are approved by students via a campus election process and later approved by the campus administration, Board of Regents, and State Legislature. 

  • Student approval from Texas State Legislature is required
  • Provide an opportunity for students to offer feedback
  • Raising a designated fee in Texas by more than 10% without a campus-wide referendum is not possible

When would the fee be implemented?

In Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, university leadership began talking to student leaders about the possibility of a new athletic fee. During the Fall 2022 semester, we will continue those discussions and will put the question to a vote in November. If the fee passes, we will take it to the legislature Spring 2023 and travel to Austin with students to seek legislative approval. Then the fee would be implemented Fall 2023. 

What happens if the fee does not pass?

If students do not vote YES, then we cannot take it to the Texas legislature in 2023. We will not be able to try again until 2025 due to the  legislative schedule.