Pioneers Remembered - Memorials

Our Pioneers Remembered memorial page acknowledges our TWU students, faculty and staff who have passed away. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of our TWU community members (listed below).

This listing is a collaboration between the Office of Student Life and Human Resources. While we try to be thorough, we realize that we do make the occasional, inadvertent omission. If you know of a student, faculty, staff or retired faculty/staff that passed away Jan.1, 2019, and May 31, 2021, please email


Jimmie Lyn Harris

Jimmie Lyn arrived at Texas Woman’s University in the fall of 1978 as a student. Who knew that this would become her forever home. Only a few times did she entertain the idea of leaving TWU. Ultimately it was the bond she had to the University and its students that kept her “at home”. Jimmie Lyn truly loved what she did. We would often hear stories about the students and professors that sought out her assistance. She must have always gone the extra mile in helping them because we have found so many cards and letters in her files acknowledging the assistance she provided them. One young lady posted on Facebook that without Jimmie Lyn’s assistance she wouldn’t have gotten her degree. Another student was impressed with the volumes of data Jimmie Lyn found for her on an obscure subject. No, Jimmie didn’t shy away from hard work, and she never gave up. And she did it with a smile on her face and love in her heart. We know there is a vast number of people whose lives Jimmie Lyn touched …. students, staff, and professors who remember her kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity and miss her as we do. You were part of her family and Texas Woman’s University and the Blagg-Huey Library will forever be Jimmie Lyn’s forever home. - Starla Knapp


Xavier Linzy

Xavier loved music. He wrote beautiful songs and they came to him easily. It's funny how I prayed for a child who could sing, and it took 13 years before I knew it was him out of his siblings. The funny part was once I learned he could sing, I couldn't get him to be quiet. Lord knows I would give anything for him to sing again. - LaTasha Stevens


Madyson Plummer

There is not just one favorite memory of Mady. My favorite memory of Mady was our time at TWU together. We spent 5 years at TWU. She was my roommate, my sister, best friend, and at times my homework buddy. Mady was recognized in the December graduation in 2019. The Chancellor spoke about Mady and how much of an outstanding TWU student she was. She held multiple leadership positions around TWU. From student Senate to the Student Council for Exceptional Students as well as working in the Teacher Education office supporting future teachers and Teacher Education staff. Mady loved TWU so much she was making plans to return for her Ph.D. I will always remember Mady standing under the magnolia tree next to the fountain that December of graduation. She held her Master's diploma and was crying. Those tears were not only of happiness but also some of the sadness because her time as a TWU student was over. TWU will always be a place where I can remember my sister and remember her love for life and learning. - Skylar Plummer