Student Regent

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Serving as the TWU student regent is a very valuable opportunity for motivated and highly talented students.

The rewards are many and will continue beyond your term of service:

  • Opportunity to have a lasting impact on higher education across the entire state of Texas
  • Networking with state and local legislators and community leaders
  • Represent TWU at the highest level of leadership

A student regent has the following powers and duties:

A student regent is not a member of the board of regents of the system for which the student regent is appointed. A student regent has the same powers and duties as the members of the board of regents of the system, including the right to attend and participate in meetings of the board of regents, except that the student regent:

  1. may not vote on any matter before the board or make or second any motion before the board; and
  2. is not counted in determining whether a quorum exists for a meeting of the board or in determining the outcome of any vote of the board.

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