Facilities Management & Construction

For information on FMC's processes, access to forms, please visit the TWU Knowledge Base

Access Control (Keys)

Master or Grandmaster Key Request Form Request

How To How To Submit a Key Request

How to Key Approval Process (Use IE or disable pop-up blockers for WebTMA)

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Asset Management

Texas Woman’s University Property:

For a fixed assets (TWU ‘tagged’ property) report by Department, please visit SQL Reports: Fixed Assets by Dept and Supervisor

*Access to the Administrative Management will be required. Requests for access will need to be submitted to I.T. Solutions

Oracle iAssets - User Documentation knowledge base page.

Equipment Loan or Transfer to Out-of-Office Location Form (pdf)

For questions on TWU property, please email assets@twu.edu

Personal Property:

Property insurance offers coverage for all University real property. Should any damage occur through a covered inventory, the Office of Risk Management will investigate, as needed. Prompt reporting as soon as applicable is required.

Property losses are those arising from damage or destruction of University equipment, buildings or assets. Department personnel are responsible for providing documentation required by the claims adjuster or establishing the extent of any loss or claim.

TWU is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property of its employees, students, visitors or agents. Individuals are responsible for insuring their own property.

Frequently Asked Questions & Reports

Key Approval Process

How do I access Work Order & Key Approval? (TMA iService Desk)

What if I have additional Transportation & Equipment Needs?

How do I How To Create a Work Order in TMA?

How do I How To Submit a Key Request?

What is the Key Approval Process

How do I find the FMC Service Center?

How do I request a University computer or other asset for telecommuting purposes?

How do I request a banner to be hung on campus? What are the requirements?

What are the requirements for temporary signage in a facility or area on campus? 

How are Building Identification and Permanent Signage needs addressed and approved?

Where do I send additional info for project requests?

Relevant University Regulations & Procedures

TWU URP 04.550 Campus Mail Service (pdf)

TWU URP 04.530 Key Control (pdf)

TWU URP 04.520 Vehicle Operations Policy (pdf)

TWU URP 04.510 Facilities Management Project Review Approval Process (pdf)

TWU URP 04.500 Property Management (pdf)

TWU URP 04.580 Temporary Signage for University Business

TWU URP 04.590 Building Identification and Permanent Signage (pdf)

Banners on Campus

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