Crisis Intervention

We are here to help if you are concerned about yourself or someone else.

What is a crisis?

The definition of a crisis may vary from person to person based on their ability to cope, current resources, and past life experiences. Always consult with a mental health professional if you are concerned about yourself or someone else.

Some general guidelines defining a crisis include:

  • An inability to keep yourself physically safe
  • Threatening to hurt yourself or others
  • Being threatened or physically hurt by someone else
  • Seeing or hearing things that are not there
  • Experiencing uncontrollable panic and unable to calm down
  • Recent sexual or physical assault
  • Currently living without food, clothing, and shelter
  • Recent loss of a loved one
  • Having withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol (Call 911 in this instance for medical assistance)

How do I initiate crisis services?

The TWU Crisis line is: 940-898-HELP (4357)

  • During normal business hours, the line will be answered by CAPS staff. 
  • After-hours and during University closures, the line will be answered by ProtoCall, an organization with over a decade of experience supporting university communities with seamless, customized crisis intervention services. 
  • CAPS staff will have access to all student calls in order to provide additional support to students as needed.
  • For all medical emergencies (during or after regular business hours), please call 911 first.
  • If you are uncomfortable contacting TWU CAPS or 911, we sincerely hope you will still seek help somewhere. Please see our Mental Health Resources section for additional resources.

What can I expect if I initiate crisis intervention services?

When you meet with a crisis therapist, they will:

  • Ask you questions to assess your safety and ability to cope
  • Help you calm down
  • Assist you in making a plan to address your concerns

A therapist may also:

  • Contact police and/or medical professionals to assist you or others. This may take place without your consent if the crisis situation warrants and falls under the limits of confidentiality as mandated by the State of Texas. Please see the Confidentiality section of our website for additional information.
  • Refer you to CAPS or another agency for services.

What is the cost for services?

  • Fees for services are included in enrolled students’ paid fees. No additional charges are incurred.

Page last updated 11:59 AM, November 17, 2022