Strategic Plan

College of Business Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Pioneering the Future of Business

Approved October 23, 2023

Mission, Vision and Core Values


We empower the next generation of innovative business and health leaders, particularly women, by bridging the gap between talent and opportunity to make a positive impact on society.


Our vision is to be a world-renowned authority in women's leadership, driving positive change in the global community through innovative business education and research.

Core Values

  • Professional Excellence: We value high-quality, student-centered teaching that fosters
    transformational learning to facilitate our graduates having cutting edge knowledge, skills,
    and abilities.
  • Critical Thinking: We value critical thinking skills needed to discover creative solutions to
    problems in business and society.
  • Analytical Ability: We value a community of scholars who can evaluate data and make
    informed, innovative decisions in business, and influence students to do the same.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: We value and respect meaningful service through purposeful
    partnerships, collective expertise and empowered leadership.
  • Ethics: We value integrity, respect, caring, and well-being.
  • Inclusive Engagement:  Together, we are responsible for creating a brighter future for
    women and individuals from diverse backgrounds to make our society a better place.
  • Communication:  We value open and transparent communication to foster collaboration
    and to empower everyone to provide their perspectives in solving problems.

Strategic Goals

To fulfill our mission and accomplish our vision, we developed the following goals. These goals will continue to be revisited and refined as the College progresses through its strategic plan.

Strategic Goal 1. Deliver innovative, impactful, high-quality academic programs

Strategic Goal 2. Grow and expand our partnerships internally, externally, and globally to make a positive impact on community and society

Strategic Goal 3. Expand the visibility and reputation of the College by communicating our achievements and capabilities in our areas of distinction

Strategic Goal 4. Grow and expand our research output, outcomes and impact in mission focused areas

Strategic Goal 5. Acquire, steward and align resources with priorities of supporting women’s leadership, healthcare leadership, curriculum, and research that make a positive societal impact.

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