Strategic Plan

College of Business Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Approved March 29, 2019

Revised April 8, 2020

Mission, Vision and Core Values


Texas Woman’s University’s (TWU’s) College of Business (COB) provides high-quality bachelor’s and master’s business education to a diverse student body while maintaining a historical emphasis on women. The COB values teaching that is made relevant by basic and applied research.


TWU’s COB aspires to be among the most recognized business schools in the nation that have a historical emphasis on women. This will be accomplished through a focus on Health Care Administration and programs developing women as business leaders.

Core Values

  • Professional Excellence: We value high-quality, student-centered teaching that fosters transformational learning to facilitate our graduates having the most up-to-date knowledge, skills, and abilities in business.
  • Critical Thinking: We value critical thinking skills needed to discover creative solutions to problems in business and society.
  • Analytical Ability: We value a community of scholars who can evaluate data and make informed, innovative decisions in business, in the community, and in their personal lives.
  • Teamwork: We value meaningful service through purposeful partnerships and collaborations, collective expertise and empowered leadership.
  • Ethics: We value integrity, respect, caring and well-being.
  • Diversity: We value diversity and inclusion in our networks and community.

Themes in COB Vision/Mission

  1. Be among the most recognized business schools for women in the nation
  2. Signature areas of Health Care Administration and Women as Business Leaders
  3. Provide high-quality bachelor’s and master’s education
  4. Value teaching informed by basic and applied research

Alignment with TWU's Strategic Plan

TWU’s Areas of Distinction

  1. Women & Leadership
  2. Health
  3. Experiential Learning
  4. Veterans
  5. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

TWU’s Strategic Initiatives

  1. Innovative academic programs
  2. Visibility
  3. Institute for Women’s Leadership
  4. Health and wellbeing
  5. Purposeful partnerships
  6. Talent acquisition & development
  7. Master plan & space utilization
  8. Competitive sports
  9. Belonging
  10. Research culture
  11. Process efficiencies
  12. Financial vitality
  13. Transfer student success
  14. Global perspectives
  15. Innovative childcare solutions
  16. Health care professionals
  17. Purpose & skills

The College of Business Mission and Strategic Plan has a focus on two of the TWU Areas of Distinction (Women & Leadership and Health), and nine of the 17 TWU Strategic Initiatives (highlighted above).

Strategic Plan Funding

Funding for the Initiatives in the COB Strategic Plan comes from four budget sources:

  1. University Budget (UB)—funds provided to the College through the annual budgeting process from state allocations.
  2. Program Fees (PF)—funds generated from a student credit hour fee to support College programs.
  3. Differential Fees (DF)—additional tuition funds generated from a student credit hour fee.
  4. Self Funded (SF)—initiative will support itself through revenue generation.
  5. No Cost (NC)—initiative can be accomplished through normal university processes.

Goals, Initiatives and Tactics (Timeline, Cost and Funding Source)

Mission Theme 1: Recognized business school for women

  • Strategic Goal 1: Enhance the reputation and career value proposition of COB degrees
    • Expand COB’s external visibility by increasing market awareness of the College, includingits programs, students, and faculty. (University Initiative 2)
      • Market through an OPM (FALL 2019/SF,UB) (decision delayed until spring/fall 2020)
      • Enhance the COB website (2019-2020/NC) (partially completed and ongoing)
      • Develop a marketing plan with University marketing and communications (2019-2020/NC)
    • Obtain AACSB accreditation. (University Initiative 2) (2019-2022/$56K/PF) (in progress)
    • Engage the business community to create a network of strategic alliances andpartnerships to increase experiential learning opportunities, internships, and career placement of our students. (University Initiative 5)
      • Establish a COB advisory board (SPRING 2019/$5K/PF) (completed)
      • Establish networking activities or business workshops for women in Denton, Houston, and Dallas. Partner with Center for Women Entrepreneurs (Spring 2020/NC)
    • Generate revenue from alternative sources for COB financial vitality. (University Initiative 2)
      • Offer certificate and executive education programs, including on-site programs (2020-2022/SF)
      • Implement fund raising in cooperation with University Advancement (FALL 2019/NC) (Director of Development in place and development plan being created)

Mission Theme 2: Signature areas of health care administration and women as business leaders

  • Strategic Goal 2: Deliver innovative, impactful, high-quality academic programs
    • Increase the number of classes and programs that utilize innovative and effective technologies, pedagogies, and/or diverse delivery formats and channels. (University Initiative 1)
      • Implement 100% online MBA and hybrid MBA in Dallas using 7-week format (FALL 2019/NC) (completed fall 2019)
      • Deactivate BAS and move BAAS to College of Arts and Science (SPRING 2019/NC) (completed fall 2019)
      • Align Accounting MBA with MBA core (SPRING 2019/NC) (completed spring 2019)
    • Deliver innovative programs and offerings reflecting the COB’s commitment to educatingand empowering women leaders. (University Initiatives 1 and 3)
      • Develop and implement MBA concentration focusing on women in leadership (FALL 2019/NC) (completed fall 2019)
      • Relaunch undergraduate certificate in leadership (FALL 2019/NC) (in progress for fall 2021)
    • Deliver innovative programs reflecting the COB’s distinction in health careadministration. (University Initiatives 1 and 16)
      • Combine HSM and HCA programs into new HCA offered at Houston and Dallas (SPRING-FALL 2019/NC) (completed fall 2019)
      • Secure approval of new BBA in Healthcare Administration (FALL 2020/UB)
    • Develop interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs based on industry needs and/or academic trends. (University Initiatives 3, 4, and 5)
      • Partner with Center for Women in Business and TWU’s Leadership Institute to offer professional development, mentoring, and leadership training (2019-2020/$5K/PF)
      • Develop programs with nursing and health sciences (2020-2021/NC)
      • Develop a personal finance course for the University general education requirements (2019-2020/NC) (completed as required BUS course. Not approved for University general education.)
      • Explore the establishment of an entrepreneurship program in partnership with the Center for Women Entrepreneurs (FALL 2020/UB)

Mission Theme 3: Provide high-quality bachelor’s and master’s education

  • Strategic Goal 3: Enhance undergraduate and graduate student success through effectiveteaching and advising
    • Attract talented and diverse faculty and staff. (University Initiative 6)
      • Hire a new Accounting faculty (FALL 2019/$135K/ UB, DF) (completed fall 2019)
      • Hire a new Finance faculty (FALL 2020/$155K/UB) (hired visitor for fall 2019. Search initiated for tenure-track for fall 2020.)
      • Hire two new Health Care faculty (FALL 2019/$160K/UB) (one hired for fall 2019. Second faculty search for January 2020 start.)
      • Hire a new graduate advisor (SPRING 2019/$35K/UB) (completed spring 2019)
    • Develop, support, and retain faculty and staff. (University Initiative 6)
      • Increase office space (2019-2020/NC) (secured eight additional offices for fall 2019)
      • Reduce teaching loads (2019-2021/$20K/DF)
      • Provide faculty training on teaching and learning technologies (2020-ONGOING/NC)
      • Encourage professional development for staff (2020-ONGOING/$10K/PF) (established a staff development fund fall 2019)
    • Increase internal/external or intra/inter-organizational collaborations that focus on teaching and advising resources. (University Initiative 6)
      • Increase student awareness and interaction with Career Connections and Veterans resources (FALL 2019-ONGOING/NC)
      • Increase faculty awareness and interaction with Center for Faculty Excellence, Teaching and Learning with Technology, and Pioneer Center (FALL 2019-ONGOING/NC)
    • Establish a Student Advisory Board (Fall 2019/NC) (completed summer 2019)

Mission Theme 4: Value teaching informed by basic and applied research

  • Strategic Goal 4: Improve quality and impact of scholarly research
    • Support, recognize and reward high-quality research. (University Initiative 10)
      • Establish a teaching load policy based on research quality and productivity (2019-2020/NC)
      • Increase faculty research support (SPRING 2019/$40K/PF) (established start-up funds, research grant program, and research speaker series spring 2019)
      • Track and publicize faculty research on traditional and social media (FALL 2019-ONGOING/NC)
    • Encourage faculty research that aligns with the mission of COB. (University Initiative 10)
      • Encourage a focus on basic and applied research focused on health care and women in leadership, through specific research grants (SPRING 2019/NC)
      • Reintroduce a Research Seminar Series (SPRING 2019/$10K/PF) (completed spring 2019)

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