Texas Woman’s University’s (TWU’s) College of Business (COB) provides high-quality bachelor’s and master’s business education to a diverse student body while maintaining a historical emphasis on women. The COB values teaching that is made relevant by basic and applied research.


TWU’s COB aspires to be among the most recognized business schools in the nation that have a historical emphasis on women. This will be accomplished through a focus on Health Care Administration and programs developing women as business leaders.

Core Values

  • Professional Excellence: We value high-quality, student-centered teaching that fosters transformational learning to facilitate our graduates having the most up-to-date knowledge, skills, and abilities in business.
  • Critical Thinking: We value critical thinking skills needed to discover creative solutions to problems in business and society.
  • Analytical Ability: We value a community of scholars who can evaluate data and make informed, innovative decisions in business, in the community, and in their personal lives.
  • Teamwork: We value meaningful service through purposeful partnerships and collaborations, collective expertise and empowered leadership.
  • Ethics: We value integrity, respect, caring and well-being.
  • Diversity: We value diversity and inclusion in our networks and community.

Themes in COB Vision/Mission

  1. Be among the most recognized business schools for women in the nation
  2. Signature areas of Health Care Administration and Women as Business Leaders
  3. Provide high-quality bachelor’s and master’s education
  4. Value teaching informed by basic and applied research

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