Organizational Chart

Administration Organizational Structure

Chart depicting organizational structure for the College of Business which can be found outlined below.
  1. Dean - College of Business Administration: James Lumpkin
    1. Assistant to the Dean: Shanda Newton
    2. Business Manager: Desiree Elliott
    3. Associate Dean - Academic Affairs: Margaret Young
      1. Advising
        1. Graduate Advisor: Lisa Moore
        2. Graduate Advisor: Bethany Windal
        3. Graduate Advisor: Anita Braddock
        4. Assistant Director, Academic Support: Christopher Cooper
        5. Undergraduate Advisor: Molly Koerner
      2. Academic Programs
        1. MBA
        2. BBA
        3. HCA; Director: Gerald Goodman
          1. HAC Program Secretary: Tencha Jackson-Rogers
    4. Assistant Director of External Relations and Outreach: Leslie Pearson
    5. Associate Dean - Accreditation: Dewaynna Horn

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