Academic Recovery (PASS Program)

What is the PASS Program?

PASS means Pioneers Achieving Student Success! The PASS Program, an initiative of TWU Academic Advising, provides students with the academic support and resources they need to develop a plan towards achieving success. PASS serves students who are on Academic Probation and students who have returned to TWU from Academic Suspension.

Learn more about Academic Standing.

Learning outcomes

Undergraduate students who are part of the PASS Program at TWU will be able to:

A TWU student works on a laptop in a classroom setting.
  • Explore what academic standing is, how it is calculated, and how it impacts their academic journey
  • Identify obstacles and challenges to their academic success
  • Engage in creating an individualized academic success plan that includes strategies to raise their cumulative GPA and referrals to TWU and community resources

How does the PASS Program support students?

  • Online Canvas class/community
  • Student success workshops
  • Support from PASS Advisor
  • One-on-one PASS meetings

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I’m notified that I’m on academic probation?

If you are notified that you have been placed on Academic Probation, you will be provided academic support through the Pioneers Achieving Student Success (PASS) program. The PASS program provides students with the academic tools and resources they need to develop a plan towards achieving academic success.

As part of the PASS program, you will have an academic hold on your account that will prevent you from registering until after you meet with the PASS Advisor. This meeting is conducted in addition to your regular advising appointment, and must be completed prior to having your probation hold lifted for registration. To schedule your appointment, you must contact the PASS Advisor.

Campus resources to utilize:

Academic Coaching
Blagg-Huey Library 2nd Floor
Located in the Pioneer Center for Student Excellence
What they can help with: test taking skills, note taking skills, study skills, time management, and academic motivation.

TWU Write Site
Blagg-Huey Library 235
What they can help with: individualized writing assistance, workshops, and seminars.

Math & Technology Success Center
Multipurpose Classroom Laboratory (MCL) 307
What they can help with: tutoring in math, technology, and statistics courses.

Science Learning Resource Center
Ann Stuart Science Complex (ASSC) 365
What they can help with: tutoring in science courses.

Counseling & Psychological Services
West Jones Hall
What they can help with: individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, crisis intervention, mental health resources

Student Health Services
Jones Hall
What they can help with: care for medical issues, mental health services, well woman/well man exams, complete physical exams, prescriptions and refills, lab and imaging tests, referrals to specialist, etc.

Career Connections Center
Woodcock Hall 200
What they can help with: exploring different career paths and majors, resumes, interviews, and job search assistance.

What should I do if I’m placed on academic suspension?

Repeat courses you’ve previously earned a grade of “D” or “F” to increase GPA. You can identify the correct course number at local community colleges by using the Texas Common Course Numbering System Matrix.

Keep in contact with the Coordinator of Academic Transitions and/or your Academic Advisor to ensure you are taking the correct courses to raise your GPA.

Contact Financial Aid, Scholarships, Housing, VA office, etc. to discuss how your academic suspension may affect your current and future eligibility.


Summer Suspension Recovery

Students placed on first or second suspension are encouraged to enroll in summer courses to bring their GPA to the 2.0 required for enrollment in the following fall semester. Eligibility to enroll in summer courses requires a cumulative GPA of 1.0 or higher.

What do I do if I want to come back from Academic Suspension?

Students who would like to return to TWU after suspension must go through the Academic Recovery Process in order to have their suspension lifted and register for classes.

The Academic Recovery Process can include:

  • repeating classes at community college to restore/improve GPA and demonstrate progress,
  • taking care of any outstanding monetary balance owed to TWU,
  • applying for financial aid and, if necessary, completing the Satisfactory Academic Process (SAP) appeal process,
  • meeting with an advisor to discuss coursework and degree progress,
  • having an Academic Recovery Meeting and signing an academic recovery plan that outlines the policies and conditions of returning from suspension

What should students do when they are ready to come back from suspension?

Review the PASS Academic Recovery checklist and take action on necessary items.
Complete the Academic Recovery Intake form.
Your intake form will be processed and you will be contacted with more information regarding scheduling your Academic Recovery Meeting.

To begin the process for academic recovery or ask additional questions, please email or call 940-898-2367.

Academic Recovery FAQs:

What happens in an Academic Recovery Meeting?

This meeting is the student’s time to shine. Students will discuss the positive progress they’ve made while away from TWU and demonstrate how and why they are ready to come back and enroll in classes. During the meeting, students will create a plan for a successful return and sign their academic recovery contract. This contract outlines the requirements for returning TWU and enrolling in classes.

What happens when students return from Academic Suspension?

During the first semester back from academic suspension, students are still in a suspension recovery probationary period. They receive support through the Pioneers Achieving Student Success (PASS) Program and are required to have a mid-semester check-in meeting before they can register for the next semester’s classes.

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