Strategic Plan

The Division of Student Life will:

  1. Strengthen data capacity and commit to building evidence of practice which impact student support programs and activities. Student Life aspires to also share promising practices with our team and the University community. Develop a culture of assessment and strengthen commitment to evidence-based practices in the support programs and activities we offer.
  2. Foster an inclusive environment that promotes a sense of community for both students and staff.
  3. Use technology to:
    1. deliver high-quality, in-person and virtual student experiences.
    2. enhance collaboration and connection among staff; and
    3. deliver informative communications.
  4. Support student success through the strategic planning and use of human, financial, and operational resources. Use human, financial, and programmatic resources to support the academic persistence and degree completion of TWU students.

Strategic Priorities:

Health and Wellbeing:  We promote and educate students toward the pursuit of holistic wellness. This includes providing them with the knowledge and skills to navigate systems and resources to access nutritious food, health care, therapeutic tools, physical activity, intrapersonal and interpersonal development, and opportunities for civic engagement.  Aligns with Social Impact.

Belonging:  We work to create and sustain an inclusive community in which students feel welcome, are treated with dignity, and are presented with myriad opportunities to connect to others with shared values and interests. Aligns with Student Prosperity.

Leadership: We provide opportunities for students to cultivate and strengthen leadership qualities and skills through active engagement in and/or assuming leadership roles in student organizations, staff support, coaching and advising of student-led initiatives and teams, and our hiring/training/development of student employees. Aligns with Social Impact.

Invest in Student Life Team and Professional Development:  We will develop an intentional approach to the well-being, capacity and professional growth of the division’s people. Aligns with People, Process, and Culture and Student Prosperity.

Maximizing the Pioneer Experience through Student Engagement and Learning: We are committed to student success and the creation of meaningful learning opportunities beyond the classroom.  Aligns with Student Prosperity.

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