Obtaining an Internship

Students who are interested in an internship should begin early in the semester and prior term in which they wish to participate in the internship. Interested students should contact Juan Armijo in TWU's Pioneer Center for Student Excellence. You may complete the required application materials through the Pioneer Center. Once you receive program approval for the internship, the Pioneer Center will assist you in obtaining your internship placement.

During pre-registration, you will need to obtain a course code from the Sociology Program. You may register for an internship pending program approval.

No more than three hours can be applied towards the major in Sociology. However, the other three hours can be counted towards general university electives. No hours of internship can be counted towards a minor in Sociology.

Internships Contact

Students who wish to complete an internship should contact James Williams, Ph.D., for approval. Internship courses for Sociology are SOCI 4953 (3 hours credit) or SOCI 4956 (6 hours credit). After registration, students are required to schedule a mandatory meeting with James Williams, Ph.D., to review internship requirements for the term.

James L. Williams, Ph.D.
CFO 311

Sociology Internships

If you would like to gain practical experience directly related to your sociology degree an internship can be an excellent choice. Sociology interns find positions in human services, business organizations, local and state governments, and other diverse areas. As a sociology major, you may take up to six hours of internship credit. Organizations where you may be placed include but are not limited to:

The following sites have regularly updated listings of sociology-related internships in Denton, the metroplex, and Texas.

Visit the TWU Internships Office page for additional resources, including websites for locating available positions.

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