TWU students participating in a volunteer project involving painting the inside of a building.

Texas Woman’s University (TWU) encourages and supports all efforts and contributions made by the greater community toward its mission.  TWU, at its discretion, may allow volunteers to participate in certain programs or activities in support of the University when in compliance with URP 04.450 - Volunteer Participation. Volunteer Programs must be managed by TWU departments to ensure compliance with this URP. 


This URP does not apply to employees who, in the course and scope of their employment, participate in activities also staffed by volunteers are not considered to be volunteers subject to this policy. Some University events are considered work time for employees, even when colloquially referred to as “volunteering”, and are not covered by this policy. Examples include residence hall move-in days and commencement ceremonies.

Individuals participating in research per URP 02.420 - Human Subjects Research are also not considered to be volunteers subject to this policy.

Any volunteer program involving individuals under the age of 18 will also need to comply with TWU's youth protection/minors on campus program.

The following is a brief summary of the responsibilities applicable to volunteers and TWU departments managing volunteer programs. Please refer to the URP for information about additional requirements and prohibitions. 


Volunteers are required to:

Departments sponsoring volunteer programs are required to:

  • Ensure volunteer programs further TWU's interests, and define the anticipated contributions of volunteers.
  • Select volunteers with appropriate experience and qualifications to support the effort.
  • Ensure background checks are completed for volunteers who will not be escorted at all times per URP 04.440.
  • Develop a training program as necessary for volunteers and employees working with them. This may not be required for all volunteer programs.
  • Manage activation and deactivation of ID cards and other access controls.
  • Collecting any university property in possession of the volunteer at the completion of the volunteer program.
  • Ensure compliance with URP 04.450, including additional state regulatory requirements for volunteer programs involving the provision of "human services" (defined as the provision of basic human mental or physical needs). 


  • Volunteers cannot replace or be substituted for current TWU employees or perform work that would otherwise require payment of a wage.
  • If a current employee wishes to volunteer their services to the University, the proposed volunteer service must be in a different occupational capacity from that in which the employee is employed. Employees may not volunteer to perform tasks that are consistent with their normal job duties. 
  • Employees are prohibited from volunteering their services for their direct supervisor.
  • Employees are not permitted to use University equipment, vehicles, or other resources in carrying out volunteer assignments for other organizations, with a few limited exceptions.
  • Volunteers may not drive University-owned vehicles in accordance with URP 04.520 - Vehicle Operations Policy.
  • Volunteers are prohibited from accessing physical areas on University property that are outside the scope of volunteer responsibilities, in accordance with URP 04.745 - Physical and Environmental Protection.
  • Volunteers are prohibited from accessing confidential or sensitive data and media (digital or physical) or TWU information technology resources (such as network storage) without proper authorization. 

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