Basic Information about Review Process and Deadlines

IRB Review 

Only RESEARCH involving HUMAN SUBJECTS must be reviewed by the IRB. If you are not sure if your project meets the definition of research or involves human subjects, click here for more information. In addition, federal guidelines allow studies to be reviewed at different levels depending on the risks and population of subjects involved. If you are unsure what level of review your study needs, more information can be found by clicking here

Multiple IRBs
Some studies are conducted at locations other than TWU and require IRB approval at the research site as well as from TWU. If your study involves more than one IRB visit this website to review the various processes.

Campus IRBs
TWU has established an IRB for each campus (Denton, Dallas, and Houston). Use the links below to view the committee membership for each campus as well as the deadline and meeting dates for each campus. 

Denton IRB:  Committee Membership  Deadlines and Meeting Dates
Dallas IRB:  Committee Membership Deadlines and Meeting Dates
Houston IRB:  Committee Membership  Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Resources and Guidances

Guidance: Obtaining Student Data & Contacting Students 
Guidance: Data Management and Integrity in Human Research

Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP)

NIH Belmont Report 
International Compilation of Human Research Standards


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