New Applications

All new IRB applications submitted after February 1, 2019, will be submitted through Cayuse IRB. After successfully logging in to Cayuse, researchers will see a dashboard screen where they have access to all their new applications submitted through Cayuse. To initiate a new study, click the + New Study button in the upper-right hand corner of the dashboard (refer to the Initial Submission (New Application) for detailed information). Also included for reference is a .pdf of the Cayuse Application Template so that you can view the questions that may need to be addressed when preparing your application in Cayuse.

New applications that need to be reviewed by the full board must meet the deadlines for each campus IRB. The meeting dates and deadlines are posted here for Denton, Dallas, and Houston. Studies that require exempt or expedited review do not need to follow these deadlines. 

Please allow one to two weeks for a response for exempt reviews, two to three weeks for expedited reviews, and two weeks from the meeting date for full board reviews.

Once your study is reviewed, you may receive a notice from the IRB requesting more information. Here is how to Revisions (on an Initial Submission).

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