A research project may be closed once it no longer involves human subjects (i.e., the investigators have finished obtaining data through interaction or intervention with subjects or obtaining identifiable private information about the subjects). Once all such activities described in the IRB-approved protocol are finished, the research project should be closed. For example, when the only remaining activity of a research project involves the analysis of aggregate data sets without individual subject identifiers, a study can be closed. Similarly, simply maintaining individually identifiable private information without using, studying, or analyzing such information is not human subjects research and thus does not require the study to remain active in the IRB system. 

To close a Legacy study (a study submitted prior to the implementation of Cayuse), email a completed Close Study Request Form to with the PIs name, campus, and protocol number in the subject line. To close a study submitted through Cayuse, a study close submission must be initiated through Cayuse following these detailed instructions, Closure Submission.

Page last updated 11:13 AM, May 8, 2024