Institutional Review Board (Denton)

2019-2020 Committee Membership

Dr. Rhonda Buckley, Family Sciences – Chair
Dr. David Nichols, Kinesiology - Co-Chair

Dr. Shane Broughton, Nutrition & Food Sciences
Ms. Eileen Hall, Citizen Member
Dr. Diane Myers, Teacher Education 
Ms. Tiffany Peart, Office of  Technology
Dr. Emarely Rosa-Davila, Sociology and Social Work
Dr. Brandon (Rhett) Rigby, Kinesiology
Dr. Melissa Brown, Family Sciences
Dr. Becky Spencer, Nursing

Dr. James Williams, Sociology and Social Work
Dr. Linda Ladd, Family Sciences

Medical Consultant:
Connie Menard, M.D., Student Health Services

Mr. Scott Martin, Office of the Executive Vice Provost
Dr. Ludovic Sourdot, Teacher Education

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