Graduate Assistants

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The University provides a limited number of graduate assistantships, graduate teaching assistantships, and graduate research assistantships for qualified graduate students. Stipends vary according to assignment and educational level of the applicant. Information regarding appointment procedures and remuneration is also located in the Graduate Catalog. Graduate programs are designed to enhance the student's scholarly and professional development. An assistantship should serve as an instrument to facilitate this development. A graduate assistant is both a student and a faculty member. As a student, the assistant is expected to maintain high academic standards to retain the assistantship. As a faculty member, the assistant is expected to complete teaching and research responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner. 

Assignments and responsibilities will enhance the assistant's scholarship and professional development. For the graduate teaching assistant, the teaching assignment should provide opportunities for obtaining a depth of knowledge within the academic discipline. For the graduate research assistant, the research project should ideally result in a professional paper, thesis, or dissertation. The assistant receives a stipend for contributing to the teaching and research mission of the University.

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