Applying for Graduate Assistantships

Students should consult their departments of study concerning the availability of assistantships with the departments. Completed applications and supporting documents, including official transcripts, verification of graduate status, and letters of reference must be filed with the head of the academic component (chair or dean) for review and recommendation. The applications are kept on file in the academic component's office.

  • Graduate students who are interested in applying for a graduate assistant position should complete the Application for Graduate Assistantships [Word]
  • The application should be completed and mailed or e-mailed as an attachment to the head of the department in which the assistantship is sought.
  • Please note that admission to the Graduate School must precede an appointment to a graduate assistantship.

Find available assistantships

To find an available Assistantship, please contact your department and visit Career Connections to apply through TWU Connect and Handshake.

Departmental contract letter

Each department/component will issue a contract letter to each applicant they wish to employ.

Salary and benefits
Health insurance and worker's compensation insurance
Rights and responsibilities

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