Quality Enhancement Plan

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The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) serves the very heart of our university. It shapes decisions, priorities, and opportunities for all of TWU’s students, faculty and staff. The QEP becomes what we’re “known” for. The topic we chose enhances student learning, is implemented over a five-year period, has measurable learning outcomes, and generates interest across the university.

In fall 2021, a call went out to the TWU community for plans to improve the university and student learning and success. The chosen topic was Finalist #2—The New Influencers: Thought Leadership in the Public Interest.

Proposal Finalists

Finalist #1—Communication Across the Curriculum

WHAT Develops students’ communication in all its forms—writing, public speaking, visual, digital, and more—through an emphasis on process, writing-to-learn, and practice with genres common to each field.

HOW Provides faculty with supported opportunities to develop communication activities and assignments in their classes by sponsoring targeted events such as speaker series, faculty workshops, and creating a CxC designation for participating classes.

WHO Engages undergraduate and graduate students in cross-curricular communication activities and assignments in their classes.

WHY Improves students’ writing and communication skills needed for academic success and post-degree job preparedness.

Read the executive summary of Communication Across the Curriculum

Finalist #2—The New Influencers: Thought Leadership in the Public Interest

WHAT Prepares students to communicate with people outside of their fields by acknowledging the reality of the world that students are inheriting—one in which even the best research cannot bring about change unless members of the public understand & trust what they’re hearing.

HOW Provides focused training to faculty in the core curriculum by expanding support for students to participate in initiatives like TEDx public speaking, writing guest pieces for newspapers and magazines, and creating content for social media. 

WHO Teaches undergraduate and graduate students how to write and present content to a public audience that is hesitant to believe without evidence.

WHY Builds off of existing TWU strengths, including research in health and wellness, training programs for women in leadership, and our Learn by Doing QEP.

Read the executive summary of The New Influencers: Thought Leadership in the Public Interest

Finalist #3—Cultivating Engaged Leaders and Global Citizens

WHAT Advances students’ leadership skills by cultivating their awareness of the interconnectedness of local & global systems and their ability to engage in interculturally-informed problem solving.

HOW Expands globally-focused experiential learning through faculty and staff training, co-curricular activities for students, and the creation of a “Global Scholar” distinction.

WHO Develops student, faculty, and staff capacity to lead with a global mindset by learning to “go global without going abroad.”

WHY Fulfills TWU’s mission to create “engaged leaders and global citizens” by providing globally-focused academic and professional development to help students understand and respect the perspectives of others.

Read the executive summary of Cultivating Engaged Leaders & Global Citizens

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