Governor Jackson, Executive Director

Kimberly Adams, Associate Director

Elizabeth Mendoza, Assistant Director for Counseling and Processing 

Joshua Cowley, Assistant Director for Systems and Reporting

Robert Fishkind, Assistant Director for Compliance

Counselors and Advisors

Keri Farrier, Financial Aid Counselor  

Lindsay Partridge, Financial Aid Counselor

Brandy Gilliam, Financial Aid Counselor 

Brian King, Financial Aid Counselor, Scholarship Coordinator 

Julie Wittmis, Financial Aid Advisor 

Lauren Miller, Financial Aid Counselor

Judith Jewell, Financial Aid Counselor, Loan Coordinator

Support Staff

Rebecca Gardner, Senior Financial Aid Assistant, Customer Service 

Jessica Hogan, Senior Financial Aid Assistant, Customer Service

Grace Molchan, Senior Financial Aid Assistant, Data Entry Coordinator

Dominga Dominguez, Secretary

Jasmyne Donahue, Senior Financial Aid Assistant, Loan Collections Coordinator

Dallas Center

Karen Trail, Admissions/Registrars/Financial Aid Advisor, Dallas

Houston Center

Jennifer Lewis, Financial Aid Advisor, Houston