TWU Merit Scholarships

Your hard work can pay off!

Explore ways to lower the cost of a college education that are not related to financial need through Merit Scholarships.

Merit scholarships are awarded based on a number of performance factors such as academics, test scores, extracurricular activities, community service and more. It is not based on your family’s need for financial aid. Merit Scholarships are available for new entering students only.

Scholarships & Amounts

First-Time In College (FTIC) Merit Scholarships

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These Merit Scholarships are available exclusively to FTIC students. 

FTIC Merit Scholarships Annual Award Amounts ($)
Oakley $6,500
Outstanding $5,000/$6,000
Excellence $3,000/$4,000
Pioneer $2,000/$3,000

Transfer Merit

These Merit Scholarships are available exclusively to transfer students. 

  • $2,000 for full-time students
  • $1,000 for part-time students (Primarily reserved for students enrolled in two colleges in dual programs – Nursing and Dental Hygiene)

Master's & Doctoral Merit

These Merit Scholarships are available exclusively to master's and doctoral students. 

Awards determined by the General Scholarship Committee:

  • $1,000 minimum

When are Merit Scholarships awarded?

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  • Eligible, First Time In College (FTIC) students will be notified of an award after being admitted - typically within a week!
  • Transfer Student awards are reviewed and awarded weekly for non-cohort based students (exceptions to students showing high financial need) 
  • Master’s & Doctoral awards are determined by the General Scholarship Committee and have no set timing for notification. 

Are Merit Scholarships renewable?

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Yes, as long as scholarship requirements are being met and funds are available. Renewal periods vary based on classification.

Classification Renewal Period (Consecutive)
FTIC 4 years (8 long semesters) or upon graduation, whichever comes first
Transfer 2 years (60+ credit hours)
3 years (Less than 60 credit hours)
Master's 2 years
Master's of Fine Arts 3 years
Doctorate 3 years

Boldly Go Scholarships

Explore your eligibility for Boldly Go Scholarships, which are similar to and stack with FTIC Merit Scholarships.

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