About Graduate Auditions

Upcoming Auditions

M.F.A. Graduate Auditions will be held during the day on Friday, January 28, 2022.

The audition process will include the following events:

  • A dance technique class
  • Teaching Portion
  • Solo Performance
  • A meeting with current M.F.A. students
  • A meeting with the M.F.A. Program Coordinator and Dance Division Head
  • Individual interviews with Faculty

The Recruitment Coordinator will provide an updated schedule to applicants prior to the audition.

Teaching Portion

The purpose of this portion of the audition is for applicants to demonstrate their ability to communicate movement ideas, qualities, and technical aspects of a movement combination designed for a technique class. Each applicant will have up to ten minutes to teach. You are not required to use the entire ten minutes, unless necessary to accomplish your teaching goal. Before teaching the phrase, briefly explain the purpose or objective of the combination and the intended technique level. During your teaching we will evaluate your ability to:

  • Use images to express qualitative aspects of the phrase.
  • Clearly explain and demonstrate movement.
  • Use your voice effectively.
  • Utilize safe teaching practices.
  • Integrate verbal cues with moving to maintain an appropriate teaching pace.

The choreography of your phrase will be evaluated only in terms of its appropriateness for the indicated technique level and consistency with your stated objectives.

While this portion of the audition is required for everyone, it will be given special consideration for those who are applying for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship.

Solo Performance

Solos should be 3 - 5 minutes in length.  They may be a complete work or an excerpt from a larger work. For the M.F.A. program, applicants should perform a solo of their own choreography. The choreography can be in any choice of movement style.

M.A. applicants considering the M.F.A. need to audition. Please let the Recruitment Coordinator know if you are an M.A. applicant who would like to audition for the M.F.A. Program.

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