About Us

Academic Advising supports student success by helping students develop educational goals and providing a pathway to graduation by planning courses each semester to ensure that the student is making satisfactory progress toward completing their degree.

All TWU students should meet with an academic advisor in their major program prior to registering each semester. Students who work with an advisor stay informed about current university policy, departmental scholarships, and support services. Academic advisors also discuss with students their decisions about educational and career goals, as well as inform them about academic support opportunities.. 

Our Mission

Academic Advising promotes persistence, engagement, and degree completion by teaching students how to utilize university resources and maximize their unique educational and personal development. We engage our diverse student community by providing resources and support while motivating students to pioneer their path to degree completion as it aligns with their goals, growth, and development.

Our Structure

University Academic Advising centrally coordinates academic advising for undergraduate students which is decentrally delivered by each academic college. College academic advisors provide advisement for students who have declared a major, and University Academic Advising provides advisement for students who are undecided, dual credit, in academic recovery, or enrolled in pre-nursing.

Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate students who receive academic advising at TWU will be able to:

  • Create an academic plan for success.
  • Identify and access campus resources to support their academic needs.
  • Develop educational goals that align with career interests, values, and strengths.
  • Plan courses using a degree plan that is required for graduation.

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