Mission, Goals and Objectives

SLIS Motto: Knowledge. Vision. Passion.


Texas Woman’s University School of Library and Information Studies educates professionals to become leaders in evidence-based practice and research in the field of library and information services; inspires intellectual curiosity, innovation, scholarship, and research to expand knowledge in library and information studies; and develops leaders who promote exceptional services in libraries and diverse communities.


The School of Library and Information Studies prepares students for professional and leadership roles in library and information services who:

  1. Cultivate professional competencies that reflect an appropriate balance between theory and practice.
  2. Develop and advocate for exceptional services within diverse communities.
  3. Use technological advances to meet the changing information needs of a knowledge society.
  4. Contribute to library and information services.
  5. Understand the dynamic role of librarianship as a profession and the changing roles of libraries as agencies.


The programs of study leading to the degrees of Master of Library Science and Master of Arts in Library Science are accredited by the American Library Association. The master’s degree programs are designed to prepare information professionals who will:

  1. Apply professional competencies in acquiring, organizing, delivering, and preserving information and knowledge.
  2. Demonstrate evidence-based practice in professional decision-making.
  3. Plan for community-embedded services to meet the needs of diverse constituencies.
  4. Apply technologies to meet information needs in a variety of contexts.
  5. Disseminate professional knowledge through venues such as teaching, research, publication, and service activities.
  6. Plan for continuous, career-long professional development.

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