Parent Experience

Parents and family of TWU honors students are an integral part of our community.

We often meet parents, guardians and family members when students visit campus and are able to sit down for a chat with the Office of Honors Programs. Once a student is admitted, we enjoy getting to know parents further at the new student orientation and other honors events.


Honors Scholar Program graduate Annamayil Manohar and family at commencement, 2019
Honors Scholar Program graduate Annamayil Manohar and her family.

The Athenian Honor Society, the student organization for the Honors Scholar Program, provides the opportunity for families to support their honors students through a Finals Basket, provided at the end of each semester. Orders for finals baskets are coordinated at the beginning of the academic year and as final exams approach, honors students can receive a note and care package from their families, thoughtfully crafted by the AHS Fundraising Committee.


Honors families are always welcome at our service, social and cultural events. We provide several opportunities for family-friendly events on the TWU campus and around the metroplex. Past events have included the Plano Balloon Festival, Corinth Pumpkin Palooza, Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, Dallas Zoo, theater and musical performances, and drive-in movies.

Whether you are a first-year honors student enjoying a festival with your parents or a transfer honors student and working parent bringing their family to the zoo, everyone is welcome in the honors community.

Parents, family, and friends are also invited to our end of year celebration events, recognizing the talents of our honors students and graduating seniors. The Honors Banquet and Touchstone Graduation Gala are hallmarks of the honors experience and a proud moment for students as they complete their honors program. Parents and families are important guests at these events, as the support and encouragement of loved ones only makes the completion of this journey all the more special.


Honors mom Candice Grizer with daughter, Honors Scholar Cassandra Grizer (both on right) in the Cinque Terre, Italy, 2019

Parents, family members and friends aren’t only welcome on-campus, but we sometimes take them abroad as well. Each year, TWU Honors Programs travels to a European destination during winter break. Honors students (current and alumni) are priority travelers, but we often have room for guests! Several parents and loved ones have traveled with us over the years and we find that they enhance our trip experience. 

For more information on how you can join your honors student on one of our travel abroad trips, stay tuned for updates in September/October of each year. Each fall, we premiere the travel destination for the following year, allowing students and guests time to coordinate their trip details and funding.

Kathryn Fazi smiles outside Mary's Hall on the TWU Denton campus.

Honors has given me the chance to have experiences in college that I would not have done on my own. From trips to different art shows and botanical gardens to volunteering at various locations in my community, the program has helped me see a little bit more of what the world has to offer while shaping me into a better person.

Kathryn Fazi (BS '20)

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