Honors Housing

A group of three TWU students lounging on the grass at Parliament Village and studying.

All honors students can live on campus or request approval to commute. TWU has honors housing reserved for students in the program for first- and second-year students as well as upper-division students.

If you live on campus:

  • First-year students can live in the honors community on the 2nd floor of South Hall in Parliament Village
  • Second-year students live in Guinn Hall

For first-year students, living on the honors floor is beneficial because it truly ties together your first-year honors experience, outside and inside of the residence hall. We have student housing staff and honors mentors dedicated to organizing activities, assisting with study or advising/registration needs, and generally help you feel acclimated to the university and get the most out of your first year at TWU and in honors.

Not only are first-year students living together, but you will also be taking UNIV 1231 together in the fall semester, where you will learn all about campus resources and how to be a college student. Additional academic and service projects may be introduced throughout the year to bring together your living learning community.

Page last updated 11:46 AM, March 3, 2021