About TWU Honors


The Texas Woman’s University Honors Programs provide an enhanced educational environment for talented and motivated undergraduate students designed to encourage high achievement academically and cultivate the whole person.

Three TWU Touchstone Honors graduates in their academic regalia.


The Honors Programs embrace the belief that learning takes place in a variety of venues, through traditional and non-traditional pedagogies, and frequently involves collaboration and integration between the disciplines.

Program History

Founded in 2000, the Honors Scholar Program actually got started as an outgrowth, in part, of our living-learning community collaboration with the Housing Department. We had 24 brave freshman souls who said “yes” when we asked them, “If we build an honors program at TWU in your first year, would you be interested in joining it?” Most of those 24 students finished our program and went on to terrific lives and careers, and we still stay in touch with them. 

The Touchstone Honors Program was created in 2014 out of a need to provide transfer and continuing TWU students with an opportunity to benefit from a two-year, upper-division honors experience. TWU's Touchstone Program is designed to help students learn and grow in their scholarly endeavors, their cultural experiences, their leadership and professional preparation, and in their service to others.

Celebrating 20 years of TWU Honors

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