Health Studies

If you are interested in working in a health field, check out the Health Studies programs offered by TWU. As you earn your degree, you'll learn how to help others understand the importance of healthy living. Graduates of our programs pursue careers in medical technology, public and community health and health education.

Our Academic Programs

Undergraduate degrees Learn more about our Health Studies bachelor degree options.

Graduate degrees Get details about our online and hybrid Health Studies master's and doctoral programs.

Why Study Health Studies at TWU?


At TWU, you can tailor your degree program to meet your career goals. Take upper-level undergraduate courses that directly align with what you want to do after graduation -- whether it be working toward a promotion in the same field or pursuing a master's degree. Our master's and doctoral programs are structured to allow you to focus on a specific area of health research and education.


Most Health Studies program courses are offered online. Take the classes you need at a time that works best for you, while continuing to work full-time, if needed.

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