Faculty and Staff


George King

George King, PhD
Director, School of Health Promotion and Kinesiology
Office: PH 208A
(940) 898-2575
Email: gking6@twu.edu

Barbara Barnick-Ben-Ezra

Barbara Barnick-Ben-Ezra, PhD
Assistant Director
Internship Coordinator
Graduate Teaching Assistant Mentor
Office: PH 217
(940) 898-2340
Email: bbenezra@twu.edu

Mindy Menn

Mindy Menn, Ph.D., MCHES, CPH
Associate Director of Graduate Programs
Associate Professor
Office: PH 208E
Email: mmenn@twu.edu

Research Interests: Public Health Education and Health Promotion; Sexuality Education; Health Risks of Youth; Professional Preparation; Survey Design; College Teaching; Program Evaluation; Study Abroad Programming; Social Determinants of Health; Instructional Design; Distance Learning


Dennise Mendez

Dennise Mendez
Program Director and Undergraduate Academic Advisor II
Office: PH 212
(940) 898-2606
Email: dmendez5@twu.edu

headshot of Jessica Sword

Jessica Sword
Business Manager
Office: PH 208B
Email: jsword@twu.edu


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Shaun Stokes
Undergraduate Academic Advisor II
Office: PH 211
(940) 898-2431
Email: sstokes3@twu.edu

Jason Torres

Jason Torres
Graduate Academic Advisor
Office: PH 213
(940) 898-2864
Email: jtorres9@twu.edu 

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Brenda Watson
Sr. Secretary
Office: PH 216
(940) 898-2697
Email: bwatson5@twu.edu


Ann Amuta

Ann O. Amuta, PhD, MPH, CPH
Associate Professor - Health Studies
Office: PH 230B
Phone: 940-898-2856
Email: AAmuta@twu.edu

Research Interests: Health disparities, community based participatory research, cancer prevention and control, immigrant and women’s health, health communication, fruit and vegetable access and consumption

Kyle Biggerstaff

Kyle Biggerstaff, PhD
Associate Professor - Kinesiology
Exercise Physiology
Office: PH 116B
(940) 898-2596
Email: KBiggerstaff@twu.edu

Kathryn Brown

Kathryn Brown, MS
Senior Lecturer - Kinesiology
Office: PH 208H
(940) 898-2851
Email: KBrown7@twu.edu

Renee Buster

Renee L. Buster, PhD, CHES, CSCS
Assistant Clinical Professor - Health Studies
Office: PH 230N
(940) 898-2843
Email: rbuster@twu.edu

Research Interests: Biotechnology in health addressing personal, environmental and ethical health issues; social media influence on behavior adoption/practices; environmental policy and health; and public policy and life expectancy

Kat Coffey

Kat Coffey, PhD
Associate Clinical Professor - Kinesiology
Office: PH 214
(940) 898-2643
Email: kcoffey@twu.edu

Suzanna Dillon

Suzanna Dillon, PhD
Professor - Kinesiology
Adapted Physical Education, Adapted Physical Activity
Office: PH 119B
(940) 898-2582
Email: sdillon@twu.edu

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Michelle Ferrer, PhD
Associate Clinical Professor - Kinesiology
Adapted Physical Education, Adapted Physical Activity
Office: PH 208N
(940) 898-2571
Email: mferrer3@twu.edu

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Jessica Gillaspy, MS, CHES
Assistant Clinical Professor - Kinesiology
Office: PH 214
(940) 898-2643
Email: jgillaspy@twu.edu

Research Interests: Holistic Wellness with psycho-social specialization (social, emotional, physical, environmental, intellectual, career, and financial wellness), health promotion, behavior change, meditation, mindfulness, health & wellness psychology

Joshua Gold

Joshua Gold, Ph.D., MPH
Assistant Professor - Health Studies
Office: PH 208G
Phone: 940-898-2577
Email: jgold@twu.edu 

Research interests: Psychosocial aspects of weight-related behaviors and outcomes, community-based participatory research, translational science, health disparities, rural health

Mandy Golman

Mandy Golman, PhD, MCHES
Associate Professor - Health Studies
Office: PH 230L
Email: Mgolman@twu.edu

Research Interests: Teen pregnancy prevention, eating disorder and obesity prevention, body image issues, adolescent and women’s health

Young-Hoo Kwon

Young-Hoo Kwon, PhD
Professor - Kinesiology
Office: PH 123A
(940) 898-2598
Email: YKwon@twu.edu
Website: drkwongolf.info

Mark Mann

Mark Mann, PhD
Associate Professor - Kinesiology
Sport Coaching
Office: PH 208K
(940) 898-2578
Email: mmann2@twu.edu

Marilyn Massey-Stokes

Marilyn Massey-Stokes, EdD, CHES, CWHC, FASHA
Associate Professor - Health Studies
Office: PH 230M
Email: MMasseystokes@twu.edu

Research Interests: Health promotion across the lifespan, chronic disease prevention, obesity prevention (including early obesity prevention), body image & eating disorder prevention, health literacy, and health & wellness coaching

Rhett Rigby

Rhett Rigby, PhD
Associate Professor - Kinesiology
Exercise Physiology
Office: PH 123B
(940) 898-2473
Email: brigby@twu.edu

Research Interests: Exercise interventions for adults and children with chronic diseases

Jaesin Sa

Jaesin Sa, PhD
Assistant Professor - Health Studies
Office: PH 230A
(940) 898-2577
Email: jsa@twu.edu

headshot of Kerri Staples

Kerri Staples, PhD
Assistant Professor - Kinesiology
Health Promotion & Kinesiology
Office: PH 208L
(940) 898-2522
Email: kstaples@twu.edu

Aya Yoshikawa

Aya Yoshikawa, Dr.PH., Ph.D., CHESĀ®
Assistant Professor - Health Studies
Office: PH 208F
(940) 898-2584
Email: ayoshikawa@twu.edu 

Research Interests: Healthy aging, fall prevention, physical activity, age-friendly and dementia-friendly communities, and health communication

Adjunct Faculty

Delaney Baxendale, MASC
Adjunct Instructor - Kinesiology
Email: dbaxendale@twu.edu

Vic Ben-Ezra, PhD
Adjunct Instructor - Kinesiology
Email: VBenezra@twu.edu

Josh Bernstein, PhD
Adjunct Instructor - Health Studies
Email: JBernstein@twu.edu

Sarah Brown, PhD
Adjunct Instructor - Kinesiology
Email: sbrown73@twu.edu 

Amy Clark, M.S.
Adjunct Instructor - Health Studies
Email: AClark2@twu.edu

Sandra Cravens, PhD
Adjunct Instructor - Kinesiology
Email: slcravens@twu.edu 

Rebekah Garcia, M.S.
Adjunct Instructor - Kinesiology
Email: rgarcia14@twu.edu

Leah Goudy, PhD, CAPE
Adjunct Instructor - Kinesiology
Email: lgoudy@twu.edu

Michelle Kampschroeder, M.S., CHES
Adjunct Instructor - Health Studies
Email: MKampschroeder@twu.edu

Anna Love, PhD
Adjunct Instructor - Health Studies
Email: alove@twu.edu

Jim Melancon, PhD
Adjunct Instructor - Health Studies
Email: jmelancon@twu.edu

Alejandra Quezada, PhD
Adjunct Instructor - Health Studies
Email: aquezada2@twu.edu

Kembre Roberts, PhD
Adjunct Instructor - Kinesiology
Email: kembre@twu.edu

Loan VanAuker, D-ABMDI, M.S.
Adjunct Profesor - Health Studies
Email: lvanauker@twu.edu

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