M.S. in Health Studies

Earning your master's in Health Studies prepares you for leadership positions in health education and health promotion. In this degree program, you will learn about the epidemiological, cultural, physical and psychosocial issues related to health and how to develop strategies to address them.

If you are currently a dental hygienist, getting your master's degree will lead to new opportunities in fields such as higher education, research, business and public health.

This degree program is offered 100 percent online.

Careers & Salaries

Career opportunities for graduates include positions in health education, public health and health promotion, such as:

  • Public health analyst/specialist
  • Wellness director/coordinator
  • College professor

Salaries in these professions vary widely. Payscale.com currently lists a median annual income of $48,800 for public health specialists and $54,000 for wellness directors.

Why Health Studies at TWU?

Because the classes in this program are offered online, you can continue to work full-time, advancing your career as you complete your degree at your own pace. Plus, you can save time and money as no GRE is required for this program. TWU values your proven career success over scores on an exam.

Tailoring the program to your needs is easy. Whether you want to focus on health in higher ed, the community or the workplace, you can select the coursework that best matches your goals. In addition, TWU is one of a handful of Texas universities to offer an advanced degree in dental hygiene.

Program Requirements

There are three options available to you in this program:

  • Non-thesis: 36 semester credit hours, including 18 hours of required core, 12 hours in your selected emphasis area and six hours of research tools
  • Thesis: 42 semester credit hours, including 18 hours of required core, nine hours in your selected emphasis area, nine hours of research tools and six hours of thesis work
  • Dental Hygiene Emphasis: 36 semester credit hours, including 18 hours of required core, 12 hours of dental hygiene emphasis and six hours of research tools

Emphasis areas for thesis and non-thesis students include higher education, community/population health and worksite health.

As a full-time student, you can complete the coursework for this master’s degree within four semesters for the non-thesis option and five semesters for the thesis option. See the Graduate Catalog for more details on this program of study.

How To Apply

No GRE is required. To be considered for admission, you must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university with a recommended undergraduate degree of 3.0 or higher.

If you are pursuing the degree program with a dental hygiene emphasis, you must have graduated with an entry-level dental hygiene degree from a Commission on Dental Accreditation program and a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene or a related field prior to starting the master’s program.

First, you must apply to the TWU Graduate School.

Then, apply to the Health Studies program using the Health Studies application portal

Application requirements:

  1. Personal statement letter
  2. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  3. Two recommendations from references
  4. Supplemental documents, such as professional licenses, certifications, membership information and awards (optional)

For More Information

Jason Torres
Graduate Academic Advisor
Office: CFO 1111
Email: jtorres9@twu.edu

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