Emeritus Faculty

  • Ron Davis  Professor, Kinesiology
  • Ronald French – Cornaro Professor, Kinesiology
  • Barbara Gench – Professor, Kinesiology
  • Sinah Goode – Associate Professor, Kinesiology
  • Gay James – Professor/Chair, Health Studies
  • Berton Lyle – Professor, Kinesiology
  • David Nichols – Professor, Health Promotion and Kinesiology
  • Jean Pyfer – Professor/Dean, Kinesiology/Health Sciences
  • Charlotte Barney Sanborn – Professor/Chair, Kinesiology
  • Terry Senne  Associate Professor, Kinesiology
  • Lisa Silliman-French – Professor, Health Promotion and Kinesiology
    Lisa Silliman-French was with TWU for 14 years and taught in the public school as an Adapted Physical Education (APE) teacher and Special Education Coordinator for 17 years. She taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of pedagogy related to students with disabilities. She received state, national, and international teaching awards. She has published at least 44 referred manuscripts, nine manuals/guides and seven articles in proceedings. She has presented nine webinars/podcasts, over 35 research poster presentations, 140 state/national/international presentations, and has been a Keynote presenter for two conferences. Her largest grant received was a $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to address the critical national and state shortages of teachers in APE to help meet the needs of students with low-incidence disabilities attending high-poverty schools. She has been involved in numerous University, College, and Departmental committees consistently throughout her employment at TWU. In addition, she is greatly involved with the state organization related to health and physical education for students with disabilities.
  • Leslie Thompson – Professor/Dean, Health Studies/Graduate Studies

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