Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my online class and get started using Canvas?

You must be registered for a course at TWU before you can log into Canvas. You will find step-by-step instructions in the How to Log Into Canvas knowledge base article. There are several resources available for you in the Getting Started with Canvas (Students) article.

My course is not available in Canvas, what do I do?

Instructors must publish the course in Canvas before it will appear in your Canvas Dashboard. Most instructors publish their courses on the first day of classes. If you cannot access your Canvas course on the first day of classes, contact your instructor using the contact information available on the course listing in Student Self-Service and Student Planning. You can find Student Self-Service by logging into the Pioneer Portal.

If you need to request course information like the syllabus, textbooks, or other course materials before your course is available in Canvas, email the instructor using the contact information available on the course listing in Student Self-Service and Student Planning.

I'm having technical issues, what do I do?

If you experience any technical issues, please contact IT Solutions at TWU to request help. There are several ways to contact the Service Desk:

  • Call during hours of operations: (940) 898-3971
  • Send an email from your TWU Google Mail account: Email
  • Talk to a Service Desk Agent online: Live Chat
  • Submit a Service Desk Ticket: Request Support

How do I use the Canvas Student App?

You can access Canvas from any browser on your Android/iOS device. However, mobile browsers are not supported, and features may not function as expected compared to viewing Canvas in a fully supported desktop browser.

On mobile devices, Canvas is designed to be used within Canvas mobile applications. Canvas pages are supported when an action in the app links directly to the browser, such as opening a Discussion. Support is not extended to pages that cannot currently be used in the app, such as Conferences.

Additionally, Canvas offers limited support for native mobile browsers on tablet devices. For details, please reference the limited-support mobile browser guidelines. View Canvas mobile features [pdf] by version and device for the list of features available on the app at this time.

The Canvas Student Mobile App documentation is available:

If this is your first time to log into a Canvas Mobile App, you will need to access the TWU account:

  1. Type Texas Woman's University to enter the school information.
  2. Log into the Canvas Mobile App by entering your TWU Google Username ( and Password, and click the Login button.

How do I get started using Zoom in my Canvas course?

Zoom is a web conferencing and recording solution that is available in Canvas. Your instructor will use Zoom to meet with your class online, share an application, demonstrate a new concept, hold office hours, watch student presentations, and more.

Students in a Canvas course do not need to have a Zoom account in order to join a Zoom Meeting in Canvas. If Zoom is available on your Course Navigation Menu, a student can see all upcoming Zoom Meetings and Recordings associated with that course. Zoom Meetings will be saved as Panopto Recordings in your Canvas course.

For more information review Zoom in Canvas (Students). Contact your instructor with additional questions.

How do I see which classes are available online or as a hybrid?

Current TWU Students

Prospective TWU Students

  • To find out which classes are offered online for a particular department each semester, search the TWU Class Schedule.
    • Click Search for Classes under Registration (blue bar).
    • On the Search for Classes page, fill in at least 3 fields. You can start by selecting the Term, Subject, and Instructional Methods (select Internet Instruction for online courses).
    • Click the Submit button.

Course Rotations

TWU academic units have prepared course rotations for organized courses outlining which semester courses are offered. It is highly advisable that students consult with their advisors to most effectively choose courses to complete their degree plans. Learn more about Course Rotations.

My exam is being proctored in my Canvas course, how do I get started using Respondus Lockdown Browser or Honorlock?

Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser is a software application that must be installed on the workstation or laptop before attempting to complete an online Canvas assessment. The application serves as a virtual proctor by preventing printing, capturing the screen to copy assessment questions, disabling messaging and screen-sharing, disabling function keys, and disabling access to other applications and Internet content.

To get started using Respondus LockDown Browser, log into TeamDynamix using your TWU username and password and review the article: Download and Install Respondus LockDown Browser for Canvas [Use your TWU Google Username and password to log in.]


Honorlock provides on-demand proctoring services that removes access to test content from the Internet, prevents mobile devices from searching test answers online, disables multiple screens, and allows a live agent to help students through the authentication process before starting a quiz. Honorlock has students use a web camera during an online, technology-proctored exam that is taken from home.

To get started using Honorlock, review the article: Honorlock in Canvas (Students)

What is the difference between a hybrid and fully online class?

  • A Distance Education Course is when over 50% of the instruction is delivered via electronic means (i.e., interactive video conferencing, Internet, etc.) to the home or to any other remote location where students and the instructor(s) are not in the same physical location. All Distance Education courses must meet these minimum criteria.
  • A Hybrid Distance Education Course is when a majority (more than 50% but less than 85%) of the planned instruction occurs when the students and instructor(s) are not in the same place.
  • A Fully Online class, or more formally a Fully Distance Education Course is a course in which 85% or more of the planned instruction occurs when the students and instructor(s) are not in the same place.

For more information, please visit the Administrative Procedures page.

How do I change my name in Canvas?

If you would like to be known by a preferred name, please visit the Registrar’s website and select the Preferred Name Request form in Student Forms. Download the form, complete, electronically sign, and submit from your TWU Google Mail account to Canvas will automatically be updated once the Preferred Name Request is processed.

You can select personal pronouns to add to your user account in Canvas. To set your personal pronoun, please watch the video Student Quick Tip: Setting Pronouns or review How do I select personal pronouns in my user account as a student?

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