Special Disbursements


Advertisements for recruitment of faculty or staff positions must be approved by the Human Resources Department. Individual departments are not authorized to place such advertisements without proper approval. Contact Human Resources for specific guidelines.

Newspapers have been instructed to send all tearsheets and invoices to Procurement Services referencing the purchase order number. However, if you should receive any documents, please forward to the Procurement Services with the purchase order number referenced.


The care and use of vertebrate animals at TWU is supervised by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), the Animal Care Technician and the Consulting Veterinarian. In order to ensure that approved space is available in the Animal Facility for newly purchased animals and to ensure that animals are purchased from approved vendors, written approval is required from the IACUC for purchase of live, vertebrate animals. An appropriately signed IACUC ANIMAL PURCHASE FORM on file with the IACUC Chair and the Animal Care Technician signifies IACUC approval of said order. A copy of Animal Purchase Form must be sent along with requisition to purchasing. Please contact Dana Averit at 81-2708 in the Biology Department for appropriate documents and further purchasing details or see the TWU IACUC website.

Computer and related equipment

You MUST get a quote for computers and related equipment BEFORE you submit a requisition. As major providers of information technology to the campus, IT Solutions(ITS) provides assistance in selecting and deploying information technology solutions. Departments are required to involve ITS in the early phases of projects involving the following:

  • Information technology service contract purchases
  • Applications software purchases
  • Hardware purchases

All software, web application and cloud services purchases require a risk assessment from ITS BEFORE you submit a requisition. Click here to request a Risk Assessment. 

As of January 1, 2022, if the contract is to procure a cloud service, the cloud service may be subject to TX-RAMP certification (more information is available at the Texas Department of Information Resources’ TX-RAMP website). The TWU Information Security team will evaluate the Risk Assessment responses to determine if TX-RAMP certification is required. If so, the vendor will be required to obtain the appropriate certification. The state verifies and certifies vendors for TX-RAMP certification. The process to receive certification will require additional vetting and may increase the time to procure cloud services.

Purchases of computers and computer-related equipment, software, and services are processed following guidelines provided by the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) and TWU URP 4.360. All purchases are consistent with the short- and long-term strategies for information technology services.

Purchases of more than $1 million that use state funds as the fund source must be documented and submitted to the DIR in the Biennial Operating Plan. This plan is developed and submitted by information technology services  in the fall of odd-numbered years. For a planned procurement of this magnitude, departments are responsible for providing  the information required so that the plan can be prepared. The DIR reserves the right to review and participate in any such procurement.

Consulting services

A study conducted for a state agency or advice provided to a state agency under a contract that does not involve the traditional relationship of employer and employee. The term does not include a routine service necessary to the functioning of a state agency’s programs.

Consultants should only be used if there is a substantial need for the service and the University cannot adequately perform the service with its own personnel or through another state government entity.


A person whose primary objective is to study or advise a state agency in a manner that involves an independent contractor relationship with the employer.

Major consulting services contract

A consulting services contract for which it is reasonably foreseeable the value of the contract will exceed $25,000, including any amendments.

Requirements before entering into a Major Consulting Services Contract

Prior to entering into a major consulting services contract, you must:

  1. Submit a notice of intent to employ a consultant.
    • Notify the Legislative Budget Board and the Governor’s Budget and Planning Office that the agency intends to contract with a consultant and provide information showing the agency has complied with the requirements listed above, and
    • Obtain confirmation from the Chancellor that consulting services are necessary. This statement must be published in the Texas Register (see next section).
  2. Publish a notice in the Texas Register.
    Not less than 30 days before entering into a major consulting services contract, a state agency must file a document with the Secretary of State for publication in  the Texas Register that:
    • Invites consultants to provide offers of consulting services
    • Identifies the individual who should be contacted by a consultant that intends to make an offer
    • Specifies the closing date for the receipt of offers, and
    • Describes the procedure by which the TWU will award the contract.

      If the consulting services relate to services previously provided by a consultant, or if the agency intends to award the contract to a consultant that previously provided the services, unless a better offer is received, the agency must disclose this in the invitation for offers.

Requirements after entering into a Major Consulting Services Contract

Not later than the 20th day after the date of entering into a major consulting services contract the following must be published in the Texas Register:

  • Describe the activities the consultant will conduct,
  • Provide the name and business address of the consultant,
  • Give the total value of the contract,
  • State the beginning and ending dates of the contract, and
  • Provide the due dates for the consultant to present required deliverables to TWU.

Consulting services provided by former state employees

A state agency may not enter into a consulting services contract with a former or retired agency employee within one year after the employee left the agency

Disclosure of previous state employment

An individual employed by a state agency at any time during the two years prior to offering consulting services to the agency must disclose:

  • The nature of the previous employment with the agency or another state agency,
  • The date employment was terminated, and
  • The annual rate of compensation for the employment at the time of termination.

A state agency that enters into a consulting services contract with an individual who was employed by the agency within the previous two years must publish a notice in the Texas Register that includes a statement about the nature of the individual’s employment with the agency.

Contact Procurement Services for assistance in meeting the State requirements for Major Consultant Services.

Data card

Please forward a quote request to procure@twu.edu for any data card or service. Once the quote is obtained, complete the Data Card Request Form. Forward the signed Data Card Request Form to Procurement Services - Attn: Purchasing once the requisition has been input and approved.

Emergency purchases

An emergency purchase is defined as the purchase of goods or services which are so badly needed that the University will suffer financial or operational damage if they are not secured immediately. The lack of proper planning does not constitute an emergency.

Proper documentation and an appropriate justification are required for emergency purchases to be paid for with University Funds. Please fill out an Emergency Purchase form and forward signed copy to procure@twu.edu.


A Food Purchase Justification form is required for all food purchases with the following exception:

  • Food purchased for consumption by animals


All requisitions for furniture must have a Project Information Form from Facilities Management attached. If you have questions about furniture specifications, please email Facilities Management at TWUProjects@twu.edu

Memberships and dues

If the desired organization is not on the list of approved memberships, it must first be approved through the office of Finance and Administration using the Membership Approval Form. If approved, forward the Membership Approval Form to the Purchasing Department via email at procure@twu.edu or intercampus mail. Once approved by Finance and Administration, and the organization has been added to the list of Approved Memberships, the membership will be available for purchase.

Memberships should always be purchased with a University Purchasing Card (PCard) if:

  • the organization is on the Do not use list of memberships and
  • the cost of the membership is less than the PCard single purchase threshold of $2500, and
  • state funds (10 account) are not being used to pay the cost of membership.

If the organization is on the Do not use list of memberships but does not accept credit cards for membership, complete the Request for Membership Payment Form and forward to Purchasing at procure@twu.edu or via intercampus mail.

Office supplies

Texas Woman's University is proud to recommend Summus Industries as the preferred office supply vendors for the University and encourages you to sign up for access and use your PCard for all your office supply needs. For billing questions, please contact info@summusindustries.com.


Postage must be processed as an employee reimbursement in Concur. Postage is not an allowable expense on the PCard. Follow these steps for reimbursement:

  • Make sure you have a supplier number established in Oracle.
    • if you do not have a supplier number, or are not sure if you have a supplier number, contact twuvendor@twu.edu for assistance.
  • Complete a Payment Request in Concur.
  • Submit the Payment Request for approval in Concur.
  • Once approved, payment will be issued.

Refer to "Creating a Payment Request" on the Training and Resources page for step-by-step instructions on using Concur.

Printing services

Postage must be processed as an employee reimbursement in Concur. Postage is not an allowable expense on the PCard. Follow these steps for reimbursement:

  • Make sure you have a supplier number established in Oracle.
    • if you do not have a supplier number, or are not sure if you have a supplier number, contact twuvendor@twu.edu for assistance.
  • Complete a Payment Request in Concur.
  • Submit the Payment Request for approval in Concur.
  • Once approved, payment will be issued.

Refer to "Creating a Payment Request" on the Training and Resources page for step-by-step instructions on using Concur.

Professional services

Texas Woman's University uses the professional expertise of individuals, external to the university, only when those services cannot be provided by members of the TWU community. Consult the Contract Workforce Policy for more information. Professional service relationships include those between a TWU department and guest lecturer, artist, musician, speaker, performer, entertainer or between a TWU researcher and a research collaborator from another institution. In addition, professionals within the scope of the practice of accounting, architecture, land architecture, land surveying, medicine, optometry, professional engineering, real estate appraising, and professional nursing fall within these guidelines.

If the individual to be hired is NOT a U.S. Citizen, special procedures are required. See Payment to an International Individual on the Human Resources website.

In choosing a professional service provider, the individual is not selected on the basis of competitive bid, but on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualifications to perform the services. The fees must be for a fair and reasonable price as long as professional fees are consistent with, and not higher than, the recommended practices and fees published by the various applicable professional associations and do not exceed the maximum provided by law. If any travel is associated with the individual's service, the travel expenses are the responsibility of the individual. The cost of travel should be included in the payment.

The dean, department head, or program director selects the most qualified individual available to provide the required services. Fees for services between $15,000 - $40,000 require a justification of competency in choosing the individual and must be included in the comments on the requisition. If the fees for the services are going to be $40,000 or above, a contract is required. The department must contact the Purchasing Office to initiate terms and conditions of the contract. Total business expenditures with any one individual may not exceed $40,000 in any fiscal year unless special arrangements have been agreed upon.

It is critical that the individual’s employment is properly classified as it relates to Texas Woman’s University. Procedures for paying individuals can vary depending upon the individual’s status and the job being performed or the service provided. Please refer to the Payroll policy on Employee vs. Non-Employee Status to determine proper classification.

If it is determined that the individual to be paid is not a TWU employee, the following will apply:

  • Complete an online requisition (contact Purchasing with any questions regarding proper object code).
  • After purchase order creation, the individual may be notified to perform the service required.
  • After service completion, an invoice should be forwarded to Procurement Services.
  • If the service provider does not have invoicing abilities a Payment Voucher form may be used. The completed payment voucher must be forwarded to the Accounts Payable office.

Promotional items

The following vendors should be utilized for all promotional orders regardless of the method of purchasing — i.e purchase order and/or procurement card. Should circumstances arise that would call for use of a vendor not listed below, prior written approval from Procurement and Contract Services would be required.

Contact information is as follows:

4Imprint, Inc.

AHI Enterprises

American Solutions for Business

Denton Depot

San Bay Studio

Save Around

Licensing and Trademarks 

Effective July 1, 2018, a license is required for products featuring TWU marks. University entities must use a licensed vendor to produce merchandise. By licensing and trademarking the university's name and logos, TWU ensures that the public can recognize officially licensed merchandise that bear our official marks and branding. 

For more information, please visit https://twu.edu/licensing/.

Proprietary/sole source purchase

A Sole Source or Proprietary Purchase is a product or service that has a distinctive characteristic that is not shared by competing products or services. When the specification limits consideration to one manufacturer, one product or one service provider, you must submit a completed Sole Source Justification Form with the Departmental purchase requisition.


Registration fees for seminars, events, or classes can be processed through a Request for Check form or with the Purchasing Card. The dates of the function, location of event, and name of the person attending must be included in the line item description on the Check Request or submitted with the PCard documentation.

Please refer to the Travel Guidelines when travel-related expenditures are associated with the registration and the employee will be paying for the registration and submitting receipts for a travel reimbursement.

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