Check Request Policy


Check Requests are used to initiate payment for services or goods that do not require a purchase order (PO) and cannot be processed through the use of a TWU PCard or a TWU Travel Card. If a purchase or expense is questionable, contact Procurement Services before making the obligation to ensure that payment/reimbursement is allowed.

Check Request

Request payment for goods or services when P-Card is not accepted. Please allow up to 5 business days for payment processing procedures. If a check request form is needed, please email Accounts Payable at and a staff member will respond.

Authorized funds

  • Fund 11 – Designated
  • Fund 12 & 14 – Auxiliary
  • Fund 19 – Restricted (must be an authorized purchase by granting agency)
  • Fund 20 – Loan
  • Fund 40 – Unexpended Plant (with the exception of State funded accounts)
  • Fund 41 – Renewals and Replacements (with the exception of State funded accounts)
  • Fund 42 – Retirement of Debt (with the exception of State funded accounts)
  • Fund 50 – Agency

Allowed Purchases

Payments for the following are authorized to be paid with University funds and can be processed through a check request:

  1. Filing and licensing fees
  2. Postage/postal services
  3. Registration fees (only if a TWU PCard or TWU Travel Card is not feasible)
  4. Individual Student Travel Reimbursements

Prohibited Purchases

A Check Request may not be used for:

  1. Memberships
  2. Purchases over $5,000
  3. Employee Travel*
  4. E&G - Fund 10 accounts
  5. Student Scholarships/Stipends related to tuition and fees
  6. Reimbursements to employees when personal funds are used*


All of the following conditions must apply:

  • Funds are available in the account(s) used.
  • Form has printed name and signature for both the Preparer and the Account Approver
    • Account Manager must match Oracle eBusiness Account Lookup found in Pioneer Portal
    • Preparer and Account Manager are not the same individual
    • If the Payee is also the Account Manager, then a Supervisor's signature is needed
  • Department Head review and signature may be required due to the organizational structure of the department. It is up to the department to communicate and enforce that requirement. 
  • Office of Research & Sponsored Programs review and signature is required if using a fund 19 grant account.
  • Financial Aid review and signature is required if the Payee is a student.
  • Divisional Vice President review and signature are required. 
  • Vice President for Finance & Administration review and signature is required if proper Procurement policies have not been followed or if the amount is greater than $5,000. 
  • Payee's supplier number is provided.
    • Instructions for how to find a supplier number.
    • For new suppliers, the initiating department should submit required forms to
      • Completed and signed W9 form 
      • Completed and signed EFT agreement form

To expedite the processing of a check request, the initiating department should:

  • Carefully review check request to ensure it is complete.
  • Obtain appropriate signatures and confirm that all relevant supporting documentation is included. 
  • Email the check request and supporting documentation to

The check request will be returned to the preparer if:

  • information is incomplete,
  • funds are not available in the account provided, or
  • the purchase is not in compliance with State and/or TWU purchasing policies and guidelines.

Please allow Accounts Payable up to 5 business days' processing time.

*Reimbursement requests are processed through Concur 

Exceptions to this policy and/or procedure may apply at the discretion of Financial Services.

Page last updated 2:40 PM, December 12, 2023