Payable Process

General disbursement guidelines

Purchases and disbursement of funds must be made in accordance with the State of Texas law, applicable statutes and regulations, the State Comptroller's purchasing guidelines (eXpendit), and Texas Woman’s University policies and standard administrative procedures.

Minimum Documents Required to Process a Payment

  • Purchase Order
    See Purchasing Process on the Procurement web page for additional details.
  • Receiver
    Once goods are physically received or a service is rendered, a receipt must be entered into the Oracle Financial System (Phoenix). Payments are often delayed due to the lack of the receiver.
  • Invoice or Itemized Receipt
    Invoices and other related documents associated with a purchase must include the PO number and be forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office.
  • Other documents may be required depending upon the goods being purchased or services being provided.
    See Special Disbursement for items such as Advertisements, Animals, Computer and Related Equipment, Emergency Purchases, Furniture, Memberships and Dues, Postage, Printing, Professional Services and Guest Speakers, Registrations, etc. 

Accounts Payable will process the payment for goods or services when all required documents are obtained and accurately completed.

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